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Trip Report

Roadtrip on the amazing island Sardinia

Road trip across the island with my friend Linus in his Kia Shuma II, also named 'Ushi', with Surfboards in the back!

by tobias.wetzel49About Me:Curious guy, always trying to experience new things, happy and open minded! read more

EuropeItaly9 days / October 2020

Highs & Lows

This was my first road trip without my parents

It was 2020, so some spots on the island were kind of dead

Itinerary Overview

So when we arrived, we actually had a hard time finding a supermarket. We first thought this was because of COVID-19, but later we found out, that siesta breaks are way more serious in Italy than in Germany, so after 5 or 6 pm we successfully found one and bought stuff for our dinner. Our plan was to go surfing the next day, and we hoped that the weather would become calmer. After watching the movie "Game changers" that night, my friend and I decided to become vegetarians for the whole rest of the trip. The next day the weather looked better, but the waves were still kind of high and fuzzy and only the pro surfers were out. My friend still wanted to compete with them, but one hour later he came out, telling me that he didn't catch a single wave. The rest of the time we were making trips around Buggeru, going to 'Spiaggia di Cala Domestica', 'Dune di Piscinas' (some big sand dunes), and to another surf-spot. Also, we continued cooking vegetarian meals at the apartment.

On the way to our next apartment, we went down this crazy street to a town called 'Masua'. The day before, a nice local, who was selling us some marmalade, recommended this place to us. After having lunch on a wonderful beach in Masua we randomly found out, that 'Porto Flavia', a really cool old coal transshipment point, which we wanted to visit anyway, was actually located in Masua, so we took a guided tour there. 'Porto Flavia' was amazing and after that, we drove to our apartment. Overwhelmed by the apartment, we chilled out there the rest of the day. The next days we were trying out another surf spot (where I was a bit more successful than in Buggeru), going to the half-island 'Sant'Antioco', and cooking amazing meals in the outside kitchen of our apartment. Sant'Antioco actually shocked us because it was the first time in Sardinia where we saw bigger crowds of people, the rest of the time the island was kind of dead. Also, we tried to get into an 'Agriturismo' (Restaurants/Hostels with homemade foods), but we weren't successful, probably because of COVID-19.

So to finish our trip in Sardinia, we decided to go to a place known for its beautiful beaches and water: 'Cala Gonone'. The first day there, we decided to get a boat to one of the caves nearby, only accessible through the water. The 'Grotte del Bue Marino' had a path for tourists about 1 km into the cave, after that, I believe it was going five more kilometers into the mountain, but not accessible for pedestrians. On the next day, we wanted to go to 'Cala Luna' a famous beach in that area, but also just accessible through water/per boat. So when we got to the Tour company, they were saying that we have to pay 15Eur instead of the normal price of 5Eur because of the bad weather conditions. We were fine with that, but after the beach stay they weren't coming back to pick us up (us 2 and a couple from Munich as well), and after some negotiating on the phone they wanted to charge us 40Eur more to come back and pick us up. After some time trying to talk with the police, we realized that this is probably the only chance for us to get back without walking 3/4 hours, so we took the offer. The good thing about this was, that we were getting along excellent with the couple and until today we are still in contact. Also, the beach was beautiful anyway! The rest of our time we spent cooking, playing chess, and exploring the area. Despite the scammers, Cala Gonone is a really nice place!

  • 3 Nights: Buggerru
    we heard this was a good surfspot
  • 3 Nights: Nuraxi Figus
    more chilled out area, also one good surfing spot and a beautiful apartment
  • 3 Nights: Cala Gonone
    beautiful beaches, amazing nature, ride through national park on the way there

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    The surfing conditions

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Make sure, that you don't try to get food in Noon

  • Any surprises?

    This Island was so empty in october, but still so warm!