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6 Best Cities for Street Art Around the World

6 Best Cities for Street Art Around the World

Travelers often share an appreciation for visual art, as it’s such an integral part of the cultures they’re immersed in. A way to experience a community’s artistic expression is through street art.

Real travelers share their best cities for street art in the world. In this guide, we’re taking you through some impressive urban art you won’t want to miss

1. Peru

1. Peru

Peru is a lively destination for culture, music, food, and art. It’s no wonder that it attracts enthusiastic tourists from all over the world. When looking for street art cities, Peru is at the top of the list for many travelers.

Often called the romantic heart of the city, The Bridge of Sighs is an electric tourist attraction. It reflects Lima’s rich culture and features artists that push the boundaries of what street art could achieve. The murals are connective, touching, colorful, and vibrant.

For any street art lover, this destination alone makes Peru worth visiting.

The Bridge of Sighs (and Barranco as a whole) is not only an incredible place for observing street art, it’s also one of the most photogenic locations you’ll ever visit. Take it from one of our AtlasGuru contributors.

The Bridge of Sighs and the Bajada de Baños (which is a lively pedestrian avenue that descends to the beach) are the great tourist attractions of Lima, and the best ‘spots’ to take pictures, you can also find several murals of ‘street art’ or urban art.
Speaking of ‘street art,’ it must be said that Barranco has the highest concentration of urban art in the capital, with colorful works of Peruvian and foreign artists.

Natalia, Magical Peru and their beautiful people.

While you’re there, don’t forget to try the local cuisine.

There, a great recommendation of the traditional Peruvian food, the anticuchos is characterized by the use of beef heart and is considered a traditional dish.

– Natalia, Magical Peru and their beautiful people.

2. Sweden

2. Sweden

While Scandinavia is famous for its impressive natural scenery, Sweden also has an impressive street art scene.

One of the most unique things about Stockholm is that their underground metro system is a massive art exhibit. One of the best things to the city is to ride the subway to various stops and check out the art at each stops. A few of my favourite stops are the Central Station (blue line stop), Stadion, Solna Centrum, Kungsträdgården, and Rådhuset.

– Madelineraeaway, Biggest Cities In Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

After exploring Stockholm’s street art, here are just a few of the best restaurants in the area recommended by AtlasGuru contributor, Madelineraeaway.

• Meatballs for the People: You MUST try Swedish meatballs at least once on your trip, and this is the place to do it!
• Cafe Nizza: Fantastic Italian food in Södermalm.
• Schmaltz Bar & Delicatessan: A NYC Jewish deli-inspired dinner spot with amazing food.
• Kaffe: This Södermalm cafe is a great spot to grab a fika.
• Tjoget: The best cocktail bar in the city!

– Madelineraeaway, Biggest Cities In Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö

3. Germany

3. Germany

As a country full of rich history and culture, it’s no wonder that Germany produces some of the most inspiring art there is. Their street art is no different.

The International StreetArt Festival in Wilhelmshaven gathers street painters from all over the world.

AtlasGuru contributor, Luke Mcgrane, took a street art tour in Berlin. Hiring a guide is an easy and informative way to experience the art a city has to offer.

The 2 touristy highlights for me were the World War 2 walking street tour and then the street art tour. The World War 2 tour was richly steeped in history and we were shown Hitlers bunker, the ending point of the European front of WW2.

– Luke McGrane, German City and Rock Climbing Tour.

4. Hawaii

4. Hawaii

Hawaii’s landscape is already coated in saturated colors. The gorgeous rainbows, cascading waterfalls, bright greenery, and crystal-clear oceans are the perfect sources of inspiration for street artists from around the world. 

Here are some famous street artists and where you can find their work in Hawaii: 

For street art sightseeing in Hawaii, be sure to check out the Honolulu neighborhood, Kaka’ako.

If you are a lover of street art, you are in for quite a treat in Kaka'ako. Dozens of murals line the streets of this hip neighborhood along with boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. We love grabbing a coffee and walking around the neighborhood to check out all of the art.

– Happily Ever Exploring, A Week of Adventure in Oahu Hawaii.

AtlasGuru travelers also recommend visiting the stunning Manoa Falls.

This waterfall lies just outside of Waikiki at the end of a beautiful rainforest trail. The hike itself is less than two miles roundtrip, but does get muddy, so be sure to dress accordingly.

– Happily Ever Exploring, A Week of Adventure in Oahu Hawaii.

5. Miami

5. Miami

Miami is one of the most vibrant and lively cities in the U.S. which makes it a perfect beacon for artists.

Growing in attendance each year, international art festival, Art Basel arrives in Miami each December. The show features significant works from modern and contemporary artists as well as emerging artists.

Some of the best street art is The Wynwood Walls which is a street art museum in Miami (located in the Wynwood neighborhood).

The Wynwood Walls are a really cool spot to check out because artists from all over the world come to spray paint beautiful designs and paintings all over the walls.

– Secolem2, Weekend in Miami (Art, Food, Bars and Beaches).

Travelers also recommend the nearby food and drink scene.

Miami actually has several Speakeasies that are really fun to go to including Los Altos which is located on Calle Ocho in Little Havana which looks like a candy store but when they ask you want you want to say “Tequila” and they will bring you back to the bar.

– Secolem2, Weekend in Miami (Art, Food, Bars and Beaches).

6. Colombia

6. Colombia

Colombia, and especially the capital city of Bogota, has some incredible street art which tells a story of the history and culture. Featured on CNN, Colombian artist Ledania shares her works from her home country.

If you’re looking for a specific neighborhood in Bogota to see street art, try La Candelaria for a fresh perspective.

There is a good amount of street art in the La Candelaria neighborhood. Colonial architecture is often juxtaposed with outdoor art which showcases the mix of old and new.

– KBennett, Highlights of Colombia.

Taking a Bogotá street art tour might just be the best way to see all of the murals in the area. Some of these types of tours are an all-day affair whereas others can be completed in an afternoon.

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