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Road Trips in Europe

Road Trips in Europe

Europe is a perfect place for road trip vacations. You can spend your holidays exploring one country like some of our travelers did in Iceland or Romania. Or you can start in France, drive though Italy, Switzerland and Germany all the way to Austria. The choice is yours! AtlasGuru travelers share their great tips and advice for the best road trip vacations in Europe.

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Tips for a friend visiting Iceland

If you travel on a budget, bring some snacks, eg. nuts, seeds, protein bars. Iceland is generally quite expensive and so are groceries. If you have some free space in your backpack, take stuff you can nibble on on the road.

Transportation tips for France

Lease a car. It would be impossible to reach the most beautiful of the tiny villages without one. And not to be intimidated at the markets, they can be intense but worth it for the delicious produce you'll come home with.

Packing tips for Portugal

If you're going in the spring or autumn, bring layers! Summer clothing is likely suitable during the day, but it can get chilly in the evening. A light jacket or sweater should do the trick, but I'd recommend bringing a rain jacket too - just in case.

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