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5 Favorite Destinations for Cheese and Wine Tasting

5 Favorite Destinations for Cheese and Wine Tasting

If there is one culinary duo that has stood the test of time, it’s cheese and wine. For hundreds of years, travelers have sampled different varieties of this combination throughout the world. There’s nothing quite as memorable as stumbling upon your favorite flavors while adventuring abroad. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best cheese and wine tasting destinations based upon AtlasGuru travelers experiences.

1. France

1. France

France is arguably one of the wine and cheese tasting capitals of the world. From the gorgeous cobblestone streets to the quaint cafes and some of the most stunning wineries in the world, France doesn’t disappoint.

Favorite Cheese-Tasting Regions

France has some of the best cheese the world has to offer. If you’re keen on venturing into France’s realm of gourmet cheese, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this food scene. 

Here are some of the best cheese-tasting regions in the country:

  • Paris and Ile de France 
  • Normandy and Brittany
  • Savoie (The Alps)
  • Dordogne and Perigord
  • Aveyron

Favorite Wineries

French wine is legendary for a reason. The Bordeaux wine region, in particular, is a historic and beautiful location where you can find some of the finest wines in the country. 

Here are some of the best wineries you’ll find in France:

I really recommend first to go to the museum of the wine, where you'll be able to do (included in the entry fare) a wine tasting. The guide will go through some explanation about what to do during the tasting and will let you try 2 wines, a red and a white.

Julien2012mj, A trip to Bordeaux: wine, beach and history.

The Bordeaux wine region in France is next to none.

Other Things to Do Here

If you’re looking for a few more activity ideas to round out your trip, consider these three options: 

  • Visit the stone bridge, the cathedral, and the Bourgogne door in Bordeaux.
  • Check out the castles in Loire valley.
  • Stop by the famous Grande Dune du Pilat in Bordeaux

2. Spain

2. Spain

Spain has stunning wine regions throughout the country. Tour gorgeous wineries built in tunnels constructed centuries ago, experience the merging of modern and ancient architecture, and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery.

Favorite Types of Wine

Here are some of the best wines to try while you’re in Spain:

  • Rioja Gran Reserva: This is a famous Spanish red wine for special occasions.
  • Albarino White Wine: Spain’s signature white wine is named for a grape harvested in Galicia.
  • Ramón Roqueta Reserva: This is a beautiful red wine from the Catalonia region of Spain.

We highly recommend making reservations for a tour at the Bodega El Fabulista — the only fully operational subterranean winery within the fortress walls. Tickets for their tours (both in Spanish and English) are only €8/person and conclude with a guided tasting of two of their most popular wines. Be sure to bring a jacket as it gets chilly down in the tunnels!

Alextighe, Romantic Getaway in La Rioja Wine Country.

Other Things to Do Here

Tours are a great way to dive into everything Spain offers. 

We went on an amazing tour called ‘Pinxos and lunch’ given by Eskerne from Discover San Sebastian (eskerne@discoversansebastian.com). I would HIGHLY recommend doing this.

StephinSea, Eating and drinking my way through northern Spain with my mom.

3. Italy

3. Italy

Right up there with France in terms of legendary status, Italy is one of the best wine-tasting destinations in the world. In fact, it is likely the most recognizable destination for this activity due to the breathtaking wineries throughout the valleys.

Italy is home to 20 wine regions growing a wide variety of grapes, so there’s something for everyone.

Favorite Cheese and Wine Tasting Tours

One of the best ways to experience cheese and wine tasting in another country is by going on a dedicated tour. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and having an expert guide will only enhance the experience.

Here are three of the best wine-tasting tours the country has to offer:

Looking for some tips on Italian transportation?

From the airport there is a transfer that takes you to Roma Termini station and the train service is very good, the cargo ferries are also very accessible and have all the services, I recommend Grimaldi Lines and you can do it from the port of Rome civitavecchia to Barcelona from 20 Euros.

Gis.nizio, Benvenuti Nel Mio Viaggio In Italia - Italy Part I.

Other Things to Do Here

Italy is a perfect spot to see some iconic locations, such as the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. Don’t forget to sample the rest of the Italian food scene as well! You’ll want to try pizza, pasta, and gelato, along with your cheese and wine.

4. Greece

4. Greece

Few destinations in the world are as idyllic and captivating as Greece. On top of those stunning turquoise waters, Greece also has an exciting wine scene to explore.

Favorite Islands for Wine-Tasting

There are three islands in Greece that stand apart for their wine-tasting experience.

  • Santorini: On this volcanic island, you’ll drink plenty of full-bodied wines that pack a punch.
  • Crete: This is probably Greece's most essential wine country, from wine production to variety.
  • Lemnos: A lesser-known quantity among wine enthusiasts, Lemnos offers fine aromatic wines that won’t let you down.

I highly recommend taking a cruise around the caldera which offers an experience of the island from the opposite vantage point as typically you are looking down. Tourists and donkeys are plentiful so be prepared to deal with “traffic” as you make your way around; this is a crowded place filled with eager picture-takers!

DanielleA, Greek Islands Paradise.

Other Things to Do Here

A day trip to Oia is sure to yield some incredible experiences. You can take the steps down to Amoudi Bay for one of the most stunning views in the world.

You’ll find that in comparison to Santorini, Oia is more luxurious, expensive, and quieter at night. Once you get there, you can explore the million little shops scattered throughout the village, which are great for getting souvenirs (I love the jewelry with the evil eye).

Savannah Jane, Greek Island Hopping Itinerary.

5. Switzerland

5. Switzerland

Switzerland’s cheese is respected and loved throughout the world and their wineries are set in picturesque hills and villages throughout the country. Here are just a few favorites from AtlasGuru’s travelers.

Favorite Cheese and Wine (and Chocolate) Tours

What’s the best way to experience Swiss cheese tasting in the country? Visit La Maison du Gruyère and tour the cheese factory. You’ll get to enjoy an intimate fondue lunch that will blow you away. 

We went to Gruyere to take a cheese factory tour and eat classic Swiss fondue. When we got to the factory, we got a cheese sample with our ticket to the cheese factory that we got to eat throughout the self-guided headset tour.
We got there just in time to watch part of the cheese production, where workers in white suits were boiling cheese, scraping off foam, and eventually placing them in cheese tins to solidify.

Christine, Enjoying the beauty of Switzerland.

For a quintessential Swiss experience, try one of the Kensington Tours. They offer cheese, chocolates, and watches on this unparalleled travel experience.

When it comes to transportation in Switzerland, here is some advice for the trains: “Download the Swiss Train app to check the train time, you can also set reminders for getting off and changing lines. I also planned my trip meticulously to make sure that I don't miss out on anything.

Nam@laugh, Central Switzerland By Train In 8 Days.

Other Things to Do Here

Depending on the time of year you’re visiting, Switzerland has a host of fun activities to engage in. If you’re there in the warmer months, you can find some of the most beautiful hiking anywhere. In the wintertime, you can go on an epic skiing adventure.

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