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Q & A

Q: Packing tips?

by notripophobia


A: Pack lots of layers. Thin, long sleeve shirts are perfect when you need to cover your arms and sarongs are useful as head scarves and can even be worn as a normal scarf in case it gets chilly!

tatiana travels
by tatiana travels


A: Pack EXTRA WARM! Even during the summer months, the rockies can get pretty chilly. It's often overcast and tends to rain during unpredictable times so make sure you bring a reliable jacket and many sweaters and warm pants with you. I highly recommend bringing hiking shoes and any other hiking equipment with you. Although a rarity, it's still important to remember that this is bear country. It's highly recommended that you buy a bear whistle as well as bear spray (legal for purchase in Alberta and British Columbia).

by andrea


A: Pack a good jacket! I had lightweight jackets only and ended up borrowing from kind family members the whole time. For our luggage, we thought we could get by with a carry-on and a personal bag, but we ended up having to check our carry-ons nearly every flight due to various airline rules. We had several flights both there and back so it was a pain to deal with every time. Always double check the bag limits on every single flight!