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My hiking trip to Peru

Peru was definitely a breathtaking country

  • Cusco+ 5
  • Lima
  • Lima
  • My hiking trip to Peru
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South AmericaPeru24 days / August 2022

Highs & Lows

Machu Picchu you will be remembered!

The weather is very cold

Itinerary Overview

If I needed to sum up Peru in one word, I would say nature. Peru is known for its spectacular views. It is a cheap and the weather there is usually very cold. The main cities there are Cusco and Lima.

I landed in Lima first. You can find a lot of nice coffee shops and All-you-can-eat sushi. I spent there a few days and then took a flight to Cusco.

Cusco is known as a really beautiful city with culture. There are plenty of trekking you can go to from there.

You can pay in a lot of places in card, but in the markets you will only be able with card. If you need to withdraw cash, I would recommend using bcp banks since it has zero fees.

Another important thing is the sim. You will need to buy a local sim. The most common place to buy a sim is at Claro.

  • 4 Nights: Lima
  • 20 Nights: Cusco
Lima - Leisure

Lima Leisure

Lima - Leisure - null
Lima - Leisure - null
Lima - Leisure - null1+

In Lima the most you can get around by Uber or bus. Since the Uber is so cheap, it was the most convenient option for me.

Lima has its good side and it’s bad one. I would recommend staying at Miraflores neighbourhood.

I arrived after a 22 hours flight, and wanted a nice place to crash in. I stayed at Selina hostel in a private room. It felt like a hotel and had nothing to offer besides bed, so if you go there don’t expect to have any good social experience.

There is also a good gym in that area, called Smart Fit.

If you’re looking for a good breakfast, you should eat at cafe de Lima. If you’re sleeping at the Selina, there is also a really nice cafe in front of it.

You can also find a really big market with a lot of bags and shoes, called Azul Market.

In general, I would not recommend staying in Lima more than a few days since it does not have a lot to offer.

Cusco - Leisure

Cusco Leisure

Cusco - Leisure - null
Cusco - Leisure - null
Cusco - Leisure - null1+

I arrived to Cusco from Lima with JetSmart airline, and for a really cheap price! The flight including baggage cost me only 25 dollars! The flight itself was overall okay and there were no delays. I switched between a few hostels during my stay because they were all overbooked. My favorite hostel was Hommam, the rooms were really big and comfy, and the shower had hot water as well. Cusco is a very cold city and it’s hard to find good hostels with hot showers, so it was really important for me.

You can find plenty of markets in the city, and you can find there mostly traditional clothes and souvenirs.

One big market is called San Pedro which is close to the city center, and El Molino which is a bit farther. I went out to a few trekking from the city, such as Salkentai, Hazangate and The Colors Mountain. If you’re into hiking, I would recommend you to do all of them!

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would stay shorter at Cusco
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    I am vegetarian so it was hard finding a lot of vegetarian restaurants
  • Restaurant recommendations?

  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Bring a rain coat
  • Packing tips?

    Bring your best warming clothes
  • Transportation Tips?

    Uber is the best.
  • Any surprises?

    Buying groceries was more expensive that I thought
  • Booking details?

    Booked directly from the airline