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London and Bath - stunning English cities

4 days in the most wonderful city in the world.

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  • London and Bath - stunning English cities
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EuropeUnited Kingdom5 days / June 2018

Highs & Lows

A bunch of things to do. You’ll never get bored in London

As always super crowded but nothing to be worried about .

Itinerary Overview

As many of you guys might know London is a special city, it has so much to offer, from huge museums with art form all over the world to the best restaurants in the world.

It can be a bit crowded and chaotic city but once you get used to it you really start to enjoy and understand the way London moves.

My first day in London was a mix of everything it was my first solo travel so on the one hand I was pretty scared but on the other hand  I was excited to discover and feel the atmosphere of a city like this.

Once I get to my friend’s flat I took a shower and then went on a quick tour around the city center Piccadilly Circus, Oxford street, trafagar square, Big Ben, London eye, soho and some of the most touristic places in London. The next day was way more exciting we went to Hyde park and get some beers, it was summer so the weather was a bit hot but nothing that really mattered. That day he took me to the national gallery, Tate museum, British museum and some others, such an experience and the best of it all was that all museums were for  free.

On Friday we wanted to party, during the day we didn’t do too much just chilling at home and went on a little walk around Regents park and queen Mary’s garden, then around 9 in the night we took the metro or tube as they called it (btw I suggest you you get a oyster card, transport in London could be expensive). We went to Camden town, what an amazing zone, full of craziness, happiness and lifeee, at that moment I really felt why London is one of the most amazing cities in the world. After grabbing some pints in a pub in cambien town some friends told us about this techno club called fabric, so we took an Uber eland went there, I still can believe the  way these people party it was amazing and so fun.

On Saturday I decided to take bus to bath a small but really historical place, with some Roman influence and pretty landscapes. I stayed there form one night but it help me to meet a balance between the craziness of a city like London and the peacefulness of a small tow like bath.

One of my favorite experiences during my trip in London was going on a boat party through the Thames River in the evening with sunset hitting us. After such a nice party  we went back to the flat had some beers and listened some music. The next day we went to Harrods, it’s always good to do some window shopping, then had lunch at Hyde Park, there are always many many people but it feels nice to see everyone happy and enjoying themselves. The last day in London we walked around Kennington park, the Oval and Vauxhall. Then we got the bus at Victoria station around 5 pm and arrived at 8 in the night, once in bath we just stayed at the hotel, although it’s not a long trip you can get super tired.   The next day we went on a tour around the town and visited places like the Roman baths, museum of East Asian art and took a presecco boat trip.

  • 4 Nights: London
  • 1 Night: Bath
London - Culture

London Culture

London - Culture - null
London - Culture - null
London - Culture - null3+

From my point of view London it’s a city that offers you different ways of doing tourism from going to all kind of museums to party and going to the theater.

even  though museums in London are must, you can’t forget places like soho, carnaby, Camden town or Piccadilly Circus. From my point of view when you are in such a city you have to seize your schedule in the best possible way.

As I told you museums might be there, but don’t miss all these strange and unique places like soho or Chinatown, and if you go to summer don’t forget to get some wine or beer in a park, there are lots of them and all are beautiful. If you really wanna feel like a Londoner you gotta go and get a pint in a pub specially if it’s out of the city center, there is when you can feel the proper London atmosphere and its mix of culture.

During summer is important for you to know that London is super hot, so you won’t need to take that much clothes.

Bath - History

Bath History

Bath - History - null
Bath - History - null
Bath - History - null1+

Bath is a town for a 1 night stay you can visit almost the whole town in one day and just by walking, it’s also amazing how these city mixes different types of architecture on the hand you can see the influence of the Roman Empire with the astonishing Roman baths and on the other hand you can see the gothic influence.

During summer it has a special weather I could even say it’s a mild weather. As I told you bath isn’t that big so the best way to know the city is by a walking tour. If you wanna stay longer i suggest you to book tours to go around bath like Stonehenge.

Don’t forget to have a glass of wine in a small restaurant in the city center, I don’t know what’s going on with bath restaurant but all of them seem to be nice a delicious

Q & A

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Places like Trafalgar Square or Oxford street might be a bit crowded so I recommend you to be careful with your things and avoid pickpockets
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    In London the smaller the restaurant is the better the food. Always go to Asians food.
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    During summer seize your schedule in the best possible way, wake-up early and go to bed late.
  • Packing tips?

    As the summer hits hard in London it’s better to go light and also remember that sale and discounts in UK are quite good.
  • Transportation Tips?

    For London get a Oyster card with a weekly plan, it’ll save you some money.
  • Booking details?

    It’s better to book by yourself, travel agency makes you spend more money.


  • Locke at broken wharf, millennium bridge, amazing hotel close to the city of London

  • Apex city of bath hotel, well located, nice food and comfortable beds and clean rooms.