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Iceland Travel Guide: My road trip to south Iceland.

Here is my Iceland travel guide. Are you ready to explore the land of Fire & Ice? Join me on my road trip and learn which must see spots you cannot miss in Iceland!

  • Huge Crysta Ice Cave+ 7
  • Riding an icelandic horse is fun!
  • Stop #20 to pet a horse
  • Iceland Travel Guide: My road trip to south Iceland.
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EuropeIceland4 days / October 2021

Highs & Lows

Ice Cave Tour

Restaurant prices :-(

Itinerary Overview

It has always been my dream, to go and explore Iceland and I want to share my Iceland travel guide with you!

Last October this dream came true and I  spontaneously booked some flights. Of course, I started my research right away and found many great spots which I definitely wanted to see.

Iceland is such a diverse destination, you have hot lagoons, active volcanos, and endless beaches, on the other hand you have glacier lagoons, green canyons and countless waterfalls.

Apart from all the (still very nice!) tourist hot spots, I would like to share with you three underrated activities and hidden gems that you should not miss out on!

Don't get me wrong, all these tourist hot spots like Skogafoss, Sólheimasandur plane wrack, Blue Lagoon are definitely worth a visit! But my intention with this travel guide is to share some hidden gems with you, that you cannot find in any other country.


  • 2 Nights: Reykjavík
    Icelandic Horseback Riding / Lava Field Tour
  • 1 Night: Vatnajokull
    Glacier Walk / Crystal Ice Cave Tour
  • 1 Night: Hrunalaug
    Hot thermal water - perfect for relaxing
Reykjavík - Icelandic Horseback Riding / Lava Field Tour

Reykjavík Icelandic Horseback Riding / Lava Field Tour

Reykjavík - Icelandic Horseback Riding / Lava Field Tour - Riding an icelandic horse is fun!
Riding an icelandic horse is fun!
Reykjavík - Icelandic Horseback Riding / Lava Field Tour - Stop #20 to pet a horse
Stop #20 to pet a horse
Reykjavík - Icelandic Horseback Riding / Lava Field Tour - Plane Wreck3+
Plane Wreck

Did you know, that the only horse breed existing in Iceland is actually the Icelandic horse?
Once you drive along the ring road, you will not get past those cute little ponies - they are literally everywhere! My boyfriend had to stop several times along the road, just so that I can get out and pet them. 

From the beginning of this trip I knew we would need to do a horseback riding trip. My boyfriend is not a huge fan of horses, however he was willing to join me once he saw that those horses are rather small :-)

There are many stables offering guided riding tours. We decided for a 2 hours beginner tour near Reykjavik. The tour led through a lava field, which was a crazy scenery. Even though the scereny in Iceland changes every 100 kilometers drastically and you see many differnt lava formation, each scenery is beautiful and interesting in its own way. If you are a more experienced rider, or quite brave in general, you can also go for a faster tour and lear how to do "pass" and "Tölt", which are two additional gaits of icelandic horses.

A nice alternative to the lava field ride would be a black sand beach ride. Who does not dream about galopping along the waves?

No worries, these ponies are very gentle and easy to handle also for beginngers! However, you will feel it in your muscles the next day ;-)


Vatnajokull - Glacier Walk / Crystal Ice Cave Tour

Vatnajokull Glacier Walk / Crystal Ice Cave Tour

Vatnajokull - Glacier Walk / Crystal Ice Cave Tour - Huge Crysta Ice Cave
Huge Crysta Ice Cave
Vatnajokull - Glacier Walk / Crystal Ice Cave Tour - Hypnotic blue
Hypnotic blue

In Iceland, it was the first time that we saw glaciers. Spotting them for the road, still miles away, is already very exciting. There are several view point where you can get quite close to the glacier, like the Skaftafell viewpoint.

However, you should not get too close or iside the glaciers on your own, but with a guide. There are several companies offering guided tours on top of and trough the glacier.

We decided to do a 3-hour Ice Cave tour. Beforehand we saw many beautiful pictures of crystal clear, large ice caves on Instagram & Co. We were quite sure that these pictures are edited extremely well and such giant caves are more an excemption. Therefore we tried to keep our expectations low. After a very bumpy 30mins off-road  drive we arrived at some kind of parking lot. From there we started our walk to the glacier, which took around 20mins. When we arrived at the cave we could not believe our eyes! The cave was not only huge, but sparkled in all different shades of blue. In total we spend around 1,5 hours in the caves. The walk was perfectly suitable, as the paths mainly consisted out of gravel.  For us beginners, it was the perfect tour! 

For the next time, we would definetly go with a 5-6 hour glacier tour, where you also walk on and trough the glaciers. For these longer tours you will need special equipment (like spikes under your shoes), but no special level of fitness. Before we did the 3-hour tour we were a bit unsure about the longer tour, because we feared that it would be too long. However, time flew by, so I would defintely recommend to do the longer tour.

Hrunalaug - Hot thermal water - perfect for relaxing

Hrunalaug Hot thermal water - perfect for relaxing

Hrunalaug - Hot thermal water - perfect for relaxing - Straight out of a fairytale
Straight out of a fairytale
Hrunalaug - Hot thermal water - perfect for relaxing - perfect for relaxing
perfect for relaxing

Many people heard of the famous "Blue Lagoon" or "Myvatn Nature Baths", but did you know there are anctually many other, smaller natural hot springs in Iceland?

In my opinion the Blue Lagoon is extremely overpriced! I am sure, it is a great spot and somehow worth the money, however we wanted to look for an alternative. Something smaller, more personal, a hidden gem.

During my research about hot springs in Iceland I came across this tiny one near Fludir. It looked like so magical, like straight out of a fairytale, so we definitely had to visit!
If you decide to also got there - be aware, the road is quite bumpy! We only drove a little Hyundai i10 and made it without any problems, however we needed to drive quite slow. You can park quite near to the hot spring. You will also find  little box there, where you can put the entrance fee (1.000ISK per person) - hope you are a honest person :)
From the parking lot it is only a 2 minute walk to the hot spring. You can get changed in the little "house" and also put your stuff there.

If you are lucky you will have the spring to yourself! The water is more than 40 degrees and there is a second little lagoon on the other side of the house.
We came once in the afternoon and once in the morning. Both times there were only 2-4 people. Plan to spend around 1-3 hours there, it is very relaxing! Especially after all the walking you will do in Iceland ;-)

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    We stayed partly in AirBnB's and partly in hotels. For the next trip, I would recommend to choose a place to stay with a kitchen, or with access to a kitchen. Food in Iceland is quite expensive, especially eating out. If you bring some noodles, sauces, bread and bread spread, you can mainly cook for yourself and will definitely save some coins!
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Like I already said, weather conditions are extreme! You should always check the weather forecast for the next day so that you can prepare, wear the rights cloths and do the right activities
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    When you see something nice out of the car, just take a turn and park somewhere near the street. We saw so many cute little waterfalls or just nice view points which were not even mentioned on Google Maps.
  • Packing tips?

    If you visit during winter, you should wear many layers! Layers will keep you warm and protect you from the wind. We also bought some rain coats beforehand which were super handy! A hat, scarf and some gloves will also help to keep you warm.
  • Transportation Tips?

    If you plan to see a lot from the island, you should go for a rental car. We did not rent a 4x4, because we only wanted to stay on the main road. However, the weather conditions in Iceland are tough and the winds are strong. Also, the main roads are not in perfect condition - sometime you wil just find gravel roads. Therefor I would suggest to go with some type of SUV, just to feel a bit more safe.


  • Buubble Hotel - unique place to spend the night! If you are lucky you see Northern Lights from your bed :-)

  • Guesthouse Nýpugarðar - clean and cheap place to spend a night. The breakfast had a wide variety and even included fresh fruits! It was one of the nicest breakfasts we had during our Iceland trip!

  • Blue View Cabins - cute little lodges with whirlpool! As the cottages are equipped with a kitchen, they are perfect for travellers on a budget.