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A trip to Franken

I visited a friend in Wuerzburg several times and explored the surrounding area of Franconia with him.

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  • Alte Mainbrücke old bridge in Würzburg
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  • A trip to Franken
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EuropeGermany16 days / May - June 2022

Highs & Lows

A glass of wine on Alte Mainbruecke

To cross Alte Mainbruecke without wine but with a bicycle, because it is always crowded with tourists

Itinerary Overview

Franken is a beautiful area in the south of Germany, famous for its wine. Usually, the locals roll the r and if they speak the Franconian accent it is a bit hard to understand them.

I visited Würzburg several times to visit a friend and explored the surrounding during my visits. If you like the vibe of a smaller German city, where lots of students live and people

I like to drink wine and hang out in the evenings in the city center or go to crowded bars, you will also like this place for sure. Because Würzburg is in Bavaria, you will find some events where people wear traditional clothes and drink beer in the beer tent or sit in a beer garden where you can have traditional Bavarian food and beer.

  • 15 Nights: Würzburg
    visit a friend
  • 1 Night: Sommerhausen
    Trip with a friend
Würzburg - visit a friend

Würzburg visit a friend

Würzburg - visit a friend - View from the castle
View from the castle
Würzburg - visit a friend - Alte Mainbrücke old bridge in Würzburg
Alte Mainbrücke old bridge in Würzburg
Würzburg - visit a friend - The river Main1+
The river Main

Würzburg is a nice city, quite versatile and well located. It has a nice old center with many churches and an impressive castle on a hill covered with vineyards. Without a doubt, its architecture draws a lot of attention and it is interesting to know about its history. From the top of the castle hill, you have a beautiful view of the city. In addition, the Käppele, a church on the neighboring hill of the castle, is worth a visit with many stairs, you can spend hours watching all this spectacle

The best time to visit Würzburg is summer/spring or autumn because the city has many hours of sunshine compared to other German cities and is relatively warm, the weather allows you to do many activities both outdoors and outdoors

Along the Main River, you can sunbathe or hang out with a drink and also swim or get an air mattress and float down the river for a while.

Sommerhausen - Trip with a friend

Sommerhausen Trip with a friend

Sommerhausen - Trip with a friend - Lets get a glass of wine
Lets get a glass of wine
Sommerhausen - Trip with a friend - Nice view from above
Nice view from above
Sommerhausen - Trip with a friend - A old tradition is still alive1+
A old tradition is still alive

Sommerhausen is a beautiful little village near Würzburg and I got there by bicycle. The route is really nice and goes along the river Main and you can get ice cream on the way or cool down in the water close to Eibelstadt. The trip takes one way about 1 hour to 1,5h depending on your speed and the way is well-marked and really flat. 

The village is known for its good wine and nice restaurants. They have sometimes concerts there with classical music, and all the cute houses have really nice gardens with climbing plants on their walls. You can find accommodation there in small family-run pensions, and some people also sell artistic and crafted things like pottery. Sommerhausen is surrounded by vineyards. If you climb up one of them, you will have a beautiful view. There is once a year a big wine festival in the village, where it is really crowded. I just camped nearby with my friend.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    More time on an air mattress in river Main
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Do not go to the big fairs, if you do not like drunk people too much
  • Packing tips?

    Bring an air mattress
  • Transportation Tips?

    Bicycle is best
  • Any surprises?

    People really still wear Dirndl and Lederhose on traditional fairs
  • Booking details?