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German City and Rock Climbing Tour

A beautiful 3 weeks spent with friends exploring Berlin, Munich and climbing in Bavarian forests.

luke mcgrane
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EuropeGermany20 days / July 2019

Highs & Lows

Flash thunder/lightning/rain storms followed instantly by Bavarian summer sunshine. Of course the German beer!

Bavarian country people were a little unfriendly to tourists.

Itinerary Overview

Germany I travelled with 4 friends through Berlin, Munich and Frankenjura over the space of nearly 3 weeks. 


Wow, what a beautiful, vibrant, and artistic city this was. I could really feel how old and rich with history this place was. We spent 4 action packed days here. The food was amazing, and I had a plethora of delicious vegan food to choose from(I highly recommend the lasagna from Ataya). Sunflower Hostel Berlin was exciting, clean, comfortable and affordable and the staff were helpful in recommending tourist excursions and restaurants. The 2 touristy highlights for me were the World War 2 walking street tour and then the street art tour. The World War 2 tour was richly steeped in history and we were shown Hitlers bunker, the ending point of the European front of WW2.


 From Berlin, we took an 8 hour train to Munich. Exhausted, we collapsed into the Euro Youth Hostel. We took it easy the first day and visited the Englischer Garten and strolled around here. It's easy to spend time here as it's well kept, and vast and green. I believe it's one of the worlds largest urban parks so plenty to do and see. We even saw surfers on the Eisbach river. We spent a lot of our time over the next few days sampling german beers and a multitude of vegan restaurants, my recommendation is a Doner Kebab in Erbils.


Frankenjura is a forested region of the Bavarian province. The highlight of my holiday. Just under 2 weeks of rock climbing in the southern region. We camped at Oma Eichlers Campingplatz cooked most of our own meals. There not much in the way of vegan restaurants here so your best bet is to pop down to your local supermarket and stock up. The climbing in this region was generally single pitch sport-climbing with some bouldering as well. The scenery is unique. The climbing crags are surrounded by towering evergreen trees which was nice as it meant we were able to climb in the shade during the summer heat. Something really cool about this region is that there are short and intense rain and lightning storms that you can actually watch coming towards you. They can pass in up to 5 minutes after which you are instantly warmed and dry by the Bavarian summer sun.

  • 4 Nights: Berlin
    Sightseeing, streetart and awesome vegan restaurants.
  • 3 Nights: Munich
    Visit City and rent car
  • 13 Nights: FrankenJura, Weissenstein

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would hav spent less time in Berlin, Im not a city person.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    We got lost several times trying to find the campsite in the dark.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    The world war 2 tour was amazing in Berlin. Take the free walking tour and tip generously.

  • Packing tips?

    During the summer, Germany is hot, in the low to mid 20s so bring light breathable clothes and shorts. Theres a lot of ticks in Frankenjura so wear long pants while walking to crags.

  • Transportation Tips?

    Transportation is super efficient and easy in Germany. You should have no issues with public transport.


  • Sunflower Hostel, clean affordable and friendly. Great location in the city.

  • Euro Youth Hostel Awesome old building with modern interior and 4 hour happy hour everyday :)

  • Oma Eiclers Campingplatz Beautiful rustic farmy-campy-climbery area with clean cooking facilities and helpful staff.