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Trip Report

Vienna, Prague and Budapest

I travelled with one of my best friends to Vienna, Prague and Budapest. We visited during christmas season so each city was filled with festive magic.

by catalina76082About Me:Hi! i'm a student who loves travelling and getting to know new cultures. i've travelled a good amount of cities before i turned 21. What i value in a trip is getting to know the city, its cultures and its typical food and activities. read more

EuropeAustria, Czechia, Hungary8 days / November - December 2018

Highs & Lows

Beautiful cities, great food, good airbnbs, great number of days

It was freezing, extreme cold weather

Itinerary Overview


One of my best friends and I were living abroad and decided to plan a little trip before the holidays. We planned a 9 day vacation to Vienna Prague, and Budapest. The tickets to Vienna were relatively average (we were travelling from France) and rented and Airbnb. We arrived to Vienna at night so the first thing we did was to find a restaurant to eat. We went to a known restaurant called Gelateria Castelletto, the food was okay, you can find something better. Then we took a uber to the Airbnb and were greeted by the host, very kind and helpful. The next morning, we woke up and realized it had snowed all night. The streets and the city were covered in snow and ice. It looked beautiful but let this be a cautionary tale and bring shoes fit for snow. Since as soon as we stepped out with our normal shoes with slipped on the ice and fell. We arrived to the tram station and bought tickets, at first it is very confusing but it is always better to ask someone for help. Then we visited St. Stephen's Cathedral and walked around the plaza. We visited the Jewish Museum, but I don’t really recommend it unless you are really into Jewish culture. Then we went to Kaisergruft and visited the crypts, they were very interesting and fun to look at. Then at night we headed to Rathausplatz to visit the Christmas Market. I highly recommend visiting during this time of year purely because of this market. It is stunning, it is filled with many stands that sell candy, hot drinks, food, and Christmas handcrafts. The whole place has Christmas lights and even has an ice-skating ring. Then after a night of Christmas activities we took the tram and went to sleep. The next morning we had to catch the bus to Prague, the bus was super cheap but a bit hard to find, but eventually we did and headed to Prague.


We arrived to Prague at night and headed to the center to meet with our Airbnb host so that he could hand us the keys to the apartment, that was kind of annoying. Then we walked took a cab to the apartment and unpacked. I highly recommend this Airbnb is very nice. Then we went to have dinner to a bar downstairs. The next day we went out and had breakfast at Marthy's Kitchen, the food was very good. Then we visited Church of Saint Ludmila which is very beautiful and continue walking to Old Town Square. We walk through Na Můstku 9 street if you want to do any shopping it is filled with huge stores like Zara and Bershka. Then we continued walking through beautiful and colorful streets and took some pictures and finally arrived to see the Prague’s Astronomical Clock. Then we continued to explore Old Town Square, it is truly magical and feels like a medieval city. Here you can also see various cathedrals and gothic arquitecture and it is filled with very interesting shops. Then we crossed Manes Bridge, which was stunning and Malá Strana. There we visited various shops and walked around; it is beautiful and saw the pissing sculpture. The Kafka Museum Is near this area if you want to visit. Then we headed back through Charles Bridge which was the best part of the trip. Walking through this bridge is a surreal experience, the sunset, the city and all the scenery is unbelievable. It was already nighttime, so he headed to the Christmas Market which was huge and magical. We then tried some of the most famous food like Trdelník and the Grilované klobásy, it was all very delicious. The next day we visited the John Lennon Wall and the St. Vitus Cathedral. These two locations are very close, and it is great to walk around since the cathedral is also near many castles. Then we had dinner and headed home to catch a bus the next day to Budapest.


We arrived to Budapest and located the Airbnb. We also arrived at nicght so we went out to have dinner, we went to Padthai Wokbar in Buda which I highly recommend. The next day we headed straight to Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion. Both locations are right next to each other, so we walked around and took pictures. Then we had lunch and we continued to walk around Buda. The next day we took the tram to Pest and visited the Shoes on the Danube Bank sculpture and walked along the river. Then we visited the Hungarian Parliament Building and walked around, there is an underground museum there, but we didn’t go. We had lunch at a coffee shop and then headed to the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. We had bought the tickets online but there wasn’t any line. You get a locker to leave your stuff and you can change in the bathroom. The thermals were cool but during winter they are not as hot as you would expect so we didn’t stay long. Then we went back to pest to visit the Christmas market and had dinner. We had very good pizza, and then we went for cake to Vintage Garden, a very instragramable restaurant.

  • 2 Nights: Vienna
    Important city to visit
  • 3 Nights: Prague
    Prague is such a beautiful city and has a unique look to it
  • 3 Nights: Budapest
    we wanted to visit the thermal baths

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    i would have stayed one more day in Prague and Budapest

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    no, everything was fine

  • How was the food?

    Padthai Wokbar in Budapest Vintage Garden in Budapest Marthy's Kitchen in Prague

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    go to more than one thermal bath in Budapest

  • Packing tips?

    bring very very warm clothing if you visit during winter but also a swimsuit

  • Transportation Tips?

    use the tram and take the bus to move between cities

  • Any surprises?

    no, but i was surprised by how beautiful Prague is

  • Booking details?

    we used Flixbus


  • Airbnb: "Stunning Apt near central station/Metro/P&R" https://abnb.me/uf1GnwEzrjb

  • Airbnb: "Great apartment for family vacation!" https://abnb.me/6eqiHzizrjb very big apartment, clean and very pretty, super comfortable, and good location.

  • Airbnb in Buda, good apartment, comfortable, good wifi.