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My 10 day itinerary holiday in beautiful Prague (September)

I went to Prague to visit my sister who lives there. It wasn't my first time in the city but it was a great idea to experience it with someone who actually lives there and shows you some local places.

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  • My 10 day itinerary holiday in beautiful Prague (September)
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EuropeCzechia10 days / September 2023

Highs & Lows

Hanging out with my sister

Weather in September was a bit cold and rainy

Itinerary Overview

I spend an overall of 10 days in Prague. I had to work some days but I still got to see some wonderful places in a few days. 

  • 10 Nights: Prague
    Prague is a beautiful city with stunning architecture
Prague - Prague is a beautiful city with stunning architecture

Prague Prague is a beautiful city with stunning architecture

Prague - Prague is a beautiful city with stunning architecture - Vyšehrad
Prague - Prague is a beautiful city with stunning architecture - Prague Castle
Prague Castle
Prague - Prague is a beautiful city with stunning architecture - Vyšehrad28+

Prague is a great city to visit if you need a city break or if you simply want to see some amazing architecture. You can spend here as little as two days and you'll manage to see quite a lot of the city. But if you have a bit more time,  you won't be bored.  Here are a few of my favourites and some places that were a bit of a disappointment too. 

The highs:

- Vysehrad - wonderful place to spend an afternoon. It's a bit of a climb but the views are spectacular and totally worth the effort. There are some nice cafes on top where you can chill and enjoy a drink or grab a bite

- DOX Centre of Contemporary Art - definitely worth a visit if you have an interest in art. Interesting exhibits and an opportunity to go inside The Gulliver - an airship situated in the backyard of the centre. 

- The National Museum - you could spend an entire day here. Keep it in mind for when the weather is bad. But it's totally worth a visit even if it's not. The building itself is so worth it but there are so many cool exhibits, everyone will find something interesting to see here. 
- The Old Town - Prague practically escaped the destruction during SWW so the Old Town is absolutely filled with places that made the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sights list (like Prague Astronomical Clock, The Prague Castle or Charlies Bridge). I encourage you to take a stroll early in the morning if you want to escape the crowds. Charles Bridge is amazing but if you go there in the middle of the day, you'll feel like you're in the middle of The Coldplay gig. It's going to be busy, very very busy. 

- Prague Castle - definitely worth seeing but I'd also advise to go as early as possible. If you decide to go there on foot, remember that there are many steps that lead to the Castle. If you can't climb stairs, check public transport. You can take a public tram that will take you all the way to the top of the Castle so there's no need to climb the stairs. You can buy tickets inside the tram (no cash, payment by card only)

- Riegovy Sady View - a small park in Vinohrady with an absolutely spectacular panoramic view over the city. If you visit Prague in the Spring or Summer do yourself a favour, take a blanket and some snacks and come here to enjoy the sunset with a stunning view


The lows:

- The Golden Street - you have to buy a separate ticket to enter The Golden Street (it's 250CZK which is around 10$) and it's fine but the street is about 100 metres long and it's overflowed with people. As a result, you can barely see anything because of the crowd. For me, it was a total disappointment and quite frankly, a waste of money

-  National Gallery Prague - just not my cup of tea. I am a psycho fan of art galleries and have very high expectations. I think that because of these expectations I just didn't enjoy that particular gallery as much. 


Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Maybe try to go in the first half of September rather than the end of September. Unless you don't mind a bit of bad weather and rain.
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    - Etapa - best place for breakfast/lunch in Prague but book a table in advance or be prepared for a long wait - Pekárna Praktika - top bakery! If you're a lover of bread, you're going to want to sink your teeth into their breads and pastries. Check for opening times before you go - Bistro Monk - cool spot for breakfast or lunch in the city centre - Version Coffee - very cool cafe close to the National Museum, nice interior design and excellent specialty coffee
  • Packing tips?

    Bring comfy shoes and an umbrella just in case.
  • Transportation Tips?

    Prague has excellent public transport so take advantage of that. Also, it's pretty walkable if you like walking. I didn't take buses but if you are up for a tram ride they are fast and reliable. You can buy tickets inside trams, there are little machines where you purchase tickets (payment only by card).


  • My sister's apartment in Vinohrady. Vinohrady is a great neighbourhood as it is very close to the city centre and the Old Town but it's also a lovely and lively place with many great restaurants and cafes around.