Trip Report

One week in New York, New York City and Montauk (Long Island), perfect combination of city and beach!

Enjoy big city life in New York City´s hustle and bustle and spend a relaxing weekend by the beach in Montauk, this trip is perfect combination of both!

by petrahellmanAbout Me:Hey! Im 25-year-old woman, originally from Finland, and I love traveling more than anything. I would say I am a full time traveler now, nomad, always chasing the sun. I have been living abroad for 5 years now and 2020 we bought a piece of ... read more

North AmericaUnited States7 days / August 2019

Highs & Lows

Drive from New York City to Montauk is gorgeous!

Expensive destinations. Not the best budget trip.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I dont think I ever have enough time to see everything in the city, there is so many things to do! So have as much time as you can!

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    We were struggling to find a parking spot in the city.

  • How was the food?

    New York City is a gigantic city with thousands and thousands of restaurants. You can find anything from there! We fell in love with Le Bernardin. Le Bernardin is a French seafood restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Montauk: Two my favorite restaurants in Montauk was The Dock and Montauket. the Dock had the best seafood and environment and you can catch the best sunset in the Montauket.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Have a good shoes for walking. First time i made this mistake and took my fancy shoes which were terrible after 10km walking.

  • Transportation Tips?

    Take the train from New York City to Montauk. Its fast and easy!


  • Staying in the city is expensive but were lucky to have friends there who offered us a place to stay. That saved us maybe half of our budget. I would highly recommend to book a room from Airbnb because hotels are sometimes overpriced. Remember to look up where your room is located because location is very important in the city. Good hotel option: the Tribeca Grand Hotel is one of the most chic hotels in New York City.

  • Montauk Manor Hotel is building with a lot of history. It is little bit more expensive but the view from the hill is stunning. Surf Club Montauk: Montauk Beachfront Resort if you are looking for a place by the beach. Also Airbnb is a good place to find a room.