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Trip Report

Lyon, Geneva, Annecy!

These places are elegant and beautiful, with a lot of magic in every corner and a fantastic amount of places to visit for a great cultural experience.

gabriela cortes
by gabriela cortesAbout Me:I'm a 21 year old Colombian girl, living in Bogotá and attending Law School. I love to travel and I have lived in Canada and France, looking forward to live in many other parts of the world. read more

EuropeFrance, Switzerland3 days / July 2018

Highs & Lows

The gastronomical experience!

It can be rainy and cold sometime but it depends on the time of the year you go.

Itinerary Overview

Lyon is the most amazing city! It is really easy to tour, the bus and metro are really efficient. I stayed in a family house in Villeurbanne, which is neighborhood 10 minutes away from Hotel De Ville, which is center of the city. We stayed for 2 nights. The first day we walked though Viex Lyon, which is the old historical part of the city, there we ate a delicious ice cream at Amorino, which is an ice cream shop that makes your ice cream in a rose shape. Then we went to the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière, which is at the top of a mountain that oversees the whole city. This night we had a homemade dinner by the host of the house we stayed at. The next day we went to Bellecour, which is at the other side of one of the rivers that pass through the city. It is a more modern side of town and its were you can go shopping. We headed then to La Part Dieu, which is a mall with great shopping places. That night we ate at the famous restaurant called L'Entrecote and went partying to a place called Loft. It is a great place to go and the drinks have a good cost. The next day we headed to the bu station and headed to Geneva.

It was a one day trip and it was great! We got there at almost 10 am. We had a delicious breakfast at the Laduree Restaurant, it can be a bit expensive but the quality of the food it's really worth it. The main place to go is the huge Geneva Water Fountain, it's really special and its at the center of the city, so its also a good idea to use it as a reference point if you ever get lost. Then we headed to the Jardin Anglais, which is a park full of special pieces made of flowers. They are very nice. After that we headed to some of the most popular attractions, which are the Palais des Nations, the Broken Chair sculpture and the St. Pierre Cathedral. We then headed to a very traditional little restaurant in downtown, where we ate the most delicious fondue! We also happen to visit the Russian Church because its architecture is impressive. We stayed for a drink at night and saw the city, the fountain gets light up and it makes you feel in a magical city.

We then headed to Annecey, which is a small town in France. We arrived really late and stayed in an Airbnb we rented. The next morning we went to see the city, it has the most beautiful view to the sea, we rented a small boat and toured the city from the outside. We then had a traditional French lunch at a restaurant called Tete de Cochon, we had a delicious Tartar and much more. Then we just walked all over the city to get to know it better and at the end of the afternoon ended our trip.

  • 2 Nights: Lyon
    Vieux Lyon and the Cathedrals
  • Day trip: Geneva
    The fondue and chocolate!
  • 1 Night: Annecy
    The spectacular landscapes

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have stayed on more night at Geneva to be able to see the nightlife.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    The weather was not the best in Geneva even though we were in summer.

  • How was the food?

    It was very good! The Swiss are really known for their chocolate and cheese and you definitely should give it a try. I loved the Laduree restaurant, price a bit high but worth it. Also in Lyon L'Entrecote was exquisite.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Stay at least one night in every place so you can really get the best of the city

  • Packing tips?

    Take an umbrella and a good jacket! Annecy is white cold too as well as Geneva

  • Transportation Tips?

    The bus is really easy to use and not at all expensive.


  • We stayed at a family home, it was great because we were able to share a great time with them and have a delicious home cooked meal.

  • We stayed in and Airbnb near downtown so we could be to a walking distance to a lot of great places.