Trip Report

Your Ultimate Guide to Banff, Alberta

An epic adventure in Canada's wild Rocky Mountains. Explore the heart of Banff, including scenic hiking trails, stunning mountains and turquoise lakes, as well as a day-trip to Yoho National Park.

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North AmericaCanada3 days / June 2020

Highs & Lows

Lake hopping! From Lake Louise, Moraine Lake to Peyto and many more turquoise blue lakes!

The weather can often be a bit unpredictable. Always bring extra layers with you and a waterproof jacket/ umbrella!

Q & A

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Hiking is something that should always be done with precaution. There are potential risks and dangers that can take place. My friend who I was hiking with, unfortunately sprained her ankle on our very first hike! This of course, changed her plans for the remainder of the trip. Luckily, we had a first aid kit with us to help her get back down the mountain. Always carry a first aid kit and aim to hike in groups for extra precaution.

  • How was the food?

    Both Canmore and Banff towns offer many great food options in the main tourist areas. However, on days with lots of hiking, I recommend opting for a packed lunch - such as a sandwich for convenience. Also bring lots of snacks with you because hiking takes up a lot of energy and time!

  • Packing tips?

    Pack EXTRA WARM! Even during the summer months, the rockies can get pretty chilly. It's often overcast and tends to rain during unpredictable times so make sure you bring a reliable jacket and many sweaters and warm pants with you. I highly recommend bringing hiking shoes and any other hiking equipment with you. Although a rarity, it's still important to remember that this is bear country. It's highly recommended that you buy a bear whistle as well as bear spray (legal for purchase in Alberta and British Columbia).

  • Transportation Tips?

    Although this guide was thoughtfully planned out to save you time and millage, everything is still pretty spread out in the rockies - remember, this is the great outdoors! For this reason, I highly, highly recommend renting a car. It'll save you a big headache, otherwise there's no main infrastructure or public system to get you around the parks. There are however shuttle buses in some secondary parking lots that will take you t main attractions such a Lake Louise or Moraine Lake. This is an option to consider as parking can be a zoo in certain popular sights.