Hi, I'm Jackie, creator of the blog Bon Voyage Jackie. I created my blog in 2018 to share my experience balancing working as a full-time professional with my love of travel. I work remotely, but keep a home-base in Baton Rouge, LA. My friends and family often ask… how do you have the time/money to travel so much? With some planning and flexibility, it is definitely possible to make traveling work with your schedule and your budget. I share my travels, and how I manage to balance travel with my busy career, with others in order to inspire you to take that trip! From working remotely on the road, weekend escapes, and true vacation time unplugging, I'm trying to experience all I can while balancing my career...and so can you!

Dream Vacation

I'm a lover of slow travel, and it is my dream to spend a month or two relaxing in the Italian countryside one day!

I can give advice for

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