Working as we all do nowadays, we don’t really have much time to admire everything around us, we take for granted a lot of what goes on. What I love about traveling is we get to really appreciate not only everything new we see, but the people we’re with or even what surrounds us at home on our everyday lives. This is why I try to take the time off to travel and discover what the world has to offer.

Dream Vacation

I love discovering new places and learning about them, so I’d love to have a place that’s completely new and be able to travel along with people who know a lot about it.

I can give advice for

  • Bogotá
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Halifax Regional Municipality
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Washington
  • Virginia Beach
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • London
  • Seville
  • San Francisco
  • Berkeley