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Wonderful time in Argentina

Traveled for 2 months in Argentina and had the most amazing time!

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  • Wonderful time in Argentina
tal weil
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South AmericaArgentina36 days / November - December 2021

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Not many people who speak English

Itinerary Overview

  • 8 Nights: Ushuaia
    I heard about it from a friend.
  • 28 Nights: Llanten
    Recomended by a friend
Ushuaia - I heard about it from a friend.

Ushuaia I heard about it from a friend.

Ushuaia - I heard about it from a friend. - null
Ushuaia - I heard about it from a friend. - null

Ushuaia- end of the world

We were flying from TLV to Buenos Aires, we stayed there  for a few days in Buenos Aires. The flight was amazing and in the second we landed it was freezing and very fresh air. We were staying in the  hostel- Los Comorrones, very nice place. We cooked our meals because we are vegetarians. There are a lot of good one day hikes around. you have the national park- there are four different trails- we have done trek number two. Also very close to the city, there is another trek-Laguna Esmeralda which is a very beautiful and very easy hiking just two hours each way. In another day  we’ve been in the frozen lagoon which is very hard if you aren't used to walking a lot it’s gonna be a bit hard for you - three hours climbing and then one hour and a half going down.

Every time you take a taxi you can schedule a time when it will come back because there is no  signal in these places. 

Llanten - Recomended by a friend

Llanten Recomended by a friend

Llanten - Recomended by a friend - null
Llanten - Recomended by a friend - null
Llanten - Recomended by a friend - null1+

I was in Lago Puelu , a hippie village in the middle of Argentina. The farm (chakra) which I stayed there for one month was incredible. The owner of the farm is a very special woman, very spiritual, open minded and a wonderful yoga teacher. Every day we had a different yoga class, we could go to the river next with fresh water and isolated from people. The farm is a vegetarian place,  for me it's good because I'm a veggie and it's hard to find a place like this in Argentina. We had an amazing kitchen with all the facilities. The cabins for sleeping were nice and clean. In the house of the owner, living young Argentinian people like a community, and they are really kind and warm. We had nights together around the bonfire and meals together at night. I really think this place is special and unique ❤️

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have changed the fact that I don't know mush Spanish.
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    I had an injury in my foot because I was hiking too much for my level. Careful!
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    I am a vegetarian so not that good ( it's all meat and ham).
  • Packing tips?

    Just what you really need , you can buy everything in there.
  • Transportation Tips?

    Sometimes flights are cheaper than buses. Make sure you check before booking.
  • Booking details?

    Just try to book as early as you can.