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Trip Report

Wildcamping in Norway

Trip to Hallingskarvet National Park

by tobias.wetzel49About Me:Curious guy, always trying to experience new things, happy and open minded! read more

EuropeNorway7 days / August 2020

Highs & Lows

The Finse train station

Unfortunately my friend and me became sick during the trip

Itinerary Overview

So my friends and I were planning a trip to the Hallingskarvet National Park to go wild camping. All 6 of us had a big backpack with all the stuff you need on such a trip. We arrived at the Oslo airport at night and since it's not in the city we had to take a train to the central station at first and then walk all the way to our hostel. Unfortunately, I was a bit sick and on the next day also one of my friends was getting really sick, so the both of us decided to stay 2 more nights in Oslo and let our friends into the wild already. So when we got better, we visited the Opera house, the royal palace, and the waterfront, which are all very beautiful. Another nice thing about the city was the many E-scooters, which you could take to get around for a relatively cheap price. Also, the city was very clean and full of Teslas, I have never seen so many electric cars at once. And yeah, after 2 more nights in Oslo we took the train, heading to Finse in the Hallingskarvet National park.

It was crazy, how much the surrounding nature changed during the train ride. Suddenly the forests disappeared and Nature became more and more sparse. We were really excited to finally see the typical Norwegian Nature and when we arrived at Finse (which is, by the way, the highest train station in Norway) we weren't disappointed at all! The small village, which is basically just the train station, was really iconic and was laying next to a beautiful lake and the mountains, right away we saw lots of sheep and also, of course, 2 of our friends, who picked us up from the train station. Meanwhile, the other 2 guys were making dinner, but got attacked by sheep who basically spilled all of our tomato sauce for the pasta. Despite our replenishment of gasoline for the gas cooker, we noticed that it vanished pretty fast, also because of the wind and dropping temperatures. So we decided to only stay 2 nights in Finse and then go back into the Civilization, also because some of my friends didn't have suitable equipment for surviving the cold temperatures at night. We booked 2 nights in an apartment in Geilo, a place famous for skiing in winter and not far away from Finse. Although we just had 2 nights, we were still hiking around Finse, and Nature is just really bizarre, with lots of stones and moss, sheep, and snow.

Nature in Geilo is already way different from Finse, even though they're not far apart, Geilo has forests and is kind of colorful, in comparison to that Finse doesn't have trees and a great variety of colors. We went for a hike there and ate lots of pizza because there was a special offer in the supermarket, and Norway is really expensive. Like I already mentioned, Geilo is famous for skiing in the winter, but there were also lots of other activities you could do, e.g. climbing, biking or hiking. Our hike was really nice, also it was a relief to just leave the big backpacks in the apartment and explore nature without them. After two refreshing nights in Geilo, we already had to go back to Oslo to catch our flight!

  • 3 Nights: Oslo
    First stop of our trip
  • 2 Nights: Finse
    from here we wanted to start our trip to wander around in the National park
  • 2 Nights: Geilo
    Cool name, also nice location and hiking trails

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Not being sick

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Actually a lot: Me and my friend were getting sick, we ran out of gas and the weather was getting very cold in Finse. But it was still amazing!

  • Packing tips?

    Just pack the stuff you really need, otherwise it’ll get way to heavy over time