Trip Report


My name is Dominique. I am an organized spontaneous traveler. While I love the organization that planning a trip entails (I seriously nerd out over this), there is also an adventurous “fly by the seat of your pants” traveler in me. I’ve salsa’ed on the streets of Rio, went missing in Ibiza, was in a Bollywood film in Mumbai, and have seen some of the most momentous matches in the Russia World Cup. I didn’t grow up traveling. Most of my family vacations were to neighboring states (I’m from California). Don’t get me wrong, I love how I grew up. I was the “dirty kid”, who enjoyed being outside on my parents farm. My life changed when I turned 15. My parents sent me on a high school trip to Europe, where we would get to see 6 countries in 30 days. Those 30 days shook me to my core. I was uncomfortable, excited, and in awe. Every emotion that you could have, I experienced it. I got back to the states and my life and view of the world had completely changed. I wish there were enough years in my life to live in every country. I’ve gotten to call Italy, England, and the US home. And I hope to add more to that list. Cultures fascinate me, and I love interacting foreign people. I can 100% say that I am a product of my experiences. Travel and fashion are my two biggest passions, and I originally got into the fashion industry because I wanted to help people feel and look good in their skin. I’d one day love to end up in the travel industry. I currently have an ongoing bucket list that I want to achieve in this lifetime. I will write that book, I will change the world for the better, and my travels will take me where I am supposed to be....


Two Weeks In the Organized Chaos that is India

India10 days / October 2018

I became very good friends with a girl from New Delhi and I told her I would visit. I finally talked a friend to go with me, and off we went to beautiful India.

Highs & Lows

Stumbling upon a Bollywood movie shoot, and becoming an extra by accident.

Getting scammed by a police officer in Jaipur at the Amer Fort.

Itinerary Overview

  • 2 Nights: New Delhi
    Sightseeing, Shopping, Places of Worship
  • 1 Night: Agra
    Shopping, sightseeing
  • 2 Nights: Udaipur
    Sightseeing, Shopping, Places of Worship, Diwali Celebrations
  • 3 Nights: Mumbai
    Sightseeing, Shopping, Places of Worship, Diwali Celebrations
  • 2 Nights: Kolkata
    Sightseeing, Shopping, Places of Worship, Diwali Celebrations
  • Q & A

    • What would you have changed?

      Honestly, this was probably the most perfect itinerary I ever planned, and that NEVER happens. If I had to go back, I would have spent one more day in Udaipur and one less in Mumbai.

    • What tips would you give a friend?

      Go!!! India is now one of my favorite places! It takes a lot of preparation, and is very different than most places, but its 100% worth it. I wish everyone had the opportunity to go.

    • Transportation Tips?

      I highly recommend Uber. Outside of hiring a driver for the day, and arranging airport pickups and drop-offs, you will need to use taxi’s or Ubers. Sometimes Uber drivers didn’t speak English, but I suggest utilizing Uber to negotiate your taxi rates. Before I got into any taxi, I negotiated the rate so there weren’t any surprises. A Mumbai taxi was charging me 4 times the amount an Uber would cost. I told him this, and he said he didn’t care. I started to walk away and he changed his mind.

    • Anything go wrong during the trip?

      Getting scammed at the Amer Fort in Jaipur (in my Jaipur notes) was really disheartening, especially so early in the trip. We decided to not let it impact the rest of our experiences and I am glad we didn’t. Even though there are bad people in this world, there are more good people.

    • Packing tips?

      Fashion – I covered it here: I would also pack a water filter, and use it even to brush your teeth. I bought one at REI that I really liked.

    • How was the food?

      RJ-14 in Jaipur and Peter Cat in Kolkata were my two favorites. The restaurant at the St. Regis in Mumbai was also amazing. I had not had much Indian food before going to India, so I wholeheartedly ate anything and everything. I would also recommend downloading Zomato and finding restaurants through there. It was actually amazing, and was a gem that we stumbled upon.

    • Any surprises?

      I honestly was surprised by how much I loved it. I’ve been to 33 countries, and usually won’t visit a country twice. I would definitely visit India again. The people were so warm, and the culture was unlike any other.

    • Booking details?

      I booked all hotels on or the actual hotel website. Everything else was booked for me by the concierge at the places I stayed.


    • New Delhi, Delhi, India

      Family home

    • Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

      We didn’t have lodging

    • Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

      Hotel Lakend

    • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

      St. Regis I HIGHLY recommend this hotel if you are in Mumbai

    • Kolkata, West Bengal, India

      The Sonnet Kolkata


    DelhiOur hotel room3+