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Two weeks in Cambodia

15 dreamy days in amazing Cambodia

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nati meir
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AsiaCambodia16 days / May 2018

Highs & Lows

Island korong samloem

Ankor Wat temples in Siem Reap

Itinerary Overview

 The plan was to land at Phnom Penh and travel from it right away, but my partner felt sick so we had to stay couple of night. Eventually, it was good thing because I spent the time learning the history of the Cambodian genocide. That experience made me feel more connected the country and to the people.

The day after we split, and I have traveled to Siem Reap in the North. I met some cool people in the hostel and we hired some bikes, riding to Ankor Wat Temples. 

After a few days in Siem Reap I traveled to Banlung where I met a Cambodian guy named Neran, who guided me and another Israeli girl to 3 days jungle trip, which was crazy intense experience.

After the trek I took a bus all the way to the Sihanukville, nice city in the South beach. From there I took a boat to Corong Samluem, the most beautiful island I have ever seen.

I spent an amazing relaxing week on this clear natural island, enjoyed every magical moment in such a dreamy place.

I could stay there all my life, but I had to come back so I took the boat back to Sihanukville and from there traveled all the way back to Israel.

  • 10 Nights: Cambodia
    Exploring ambodia's culture and nature
  • 6 Nights: Koh Rong Sanloem
Cambodia - Exploring ambodia's culture and nature

Cambodia Exploring ambodia's culture and nature

Cambodia - Exploring ambodia's culture and nature - null
Cambodia - Exploring ambodia's culture and nature - null
Cambodia - Exploring ambodia's culture and nature - null1+

This is a place that is characterized by its culture which stands out too much, being immersed in a place with so much history is really inspiring. One of the locations to go to is the Cambodian Genocide Museum, its visit produces many mixed feelings because it is very important to know the story from the perspective in which it is told, but without a doubt it is also totally heartbreaking and difficult to see all those events from such a close perspective


In Siem Reap I had a great time at the hostel, but I wasn't that excited about the temples, they are very similar and can get a bit monotonous, despite this it was fun to ride a bike through the streets and enjoy outdoor tours .


The jungle trek was a cool experience, walk in the jungle for a few days and eat fresh vegetables from the bamboo tools or sleep in the jungle in hammocks.

Koh Rong Sanloem - Relaxing

Koh Rong Sanloem Relaxing

Koh Rong Sanloem - Relaxing - happy me in samloem
happy me in samloem
Koh Rong Sanloem - Relaxing - null
Koh Rong Sanloem - Relaxing - null1+

When you arrive, the first thing you are going to be dazzled by is its turquoise water, its nature, between fauna and flora and the great space for relaxation: this island was a paradise.


So the way to Samloem goes through Sihanoukville, which is a nice port city with a fun casino, hostels and all kinds of food... from there you can take a boat to one of the surrounding islands. I chose Samloem and enjoyed every moment. There are a few resorts on the island, but all of them give a natural environment, which makes it great.


The food, the view and the peace of this place were something unique! Definitely one of my favorites from this experience.


We had time to relax during the day, but there was also a great rave in the woods at night. You can walk the island from coast to coast in 30 minutes, so we could walk to the other side to watch the sunset in the evening.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Spend more time in the islands
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    In Sihanokvile there is an amazing fresh sea food restaurant on the beach
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Go to the Genocide Museum!
  • Packing tips?

    There is a nice casino in Seanukvile, I played texas holdem there and enjoyed it a lot. If you like that, be ready with cash
  • Transportation Tips?

    Be patient and ask for a window seat
  • Any surprises?

    Need to pay about 40$ for an entry visa
  • Booking details?

    booking, airbnb