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Two months in India

Two inspiring months with my childhood friend in mama India

  • Himachal Pradesh+ 5
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Two months in India
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AsiaIndia34 days / September - October 2017

Highs & Lows

Studies in Dahramsalla

Mosquitos in Humpy

Itinerary Overview

Some time later, when I was discharged from military service, I went to India with a great childhood friend, this country had always been in our plans because it seemed unique to us and we had always had the desire to explore other cultures, but also explore ourselves and be inspired by the spiritual vibrations of India.



Many people from Israel take this tour after spending a few years in the army, so it has become a highly recommended destination for our generation. In addition to the impact and all the magic that this country has, its people and its culture


We started our trip in Delhi, we went north to Parvati Valley and we spent 2 weeks there. From there we travel to Dharamshala, we enjoy a nice routine in that amazing area. The next destination is the Rajasthan region including Pushkar, from there we take a flight to the south, having a good time in Goa and Humpy

  • 30 Nights: Himachal Pradesh
  • 4 Nights: Goa
    Enjoying the sea and the surroundings
Himachal Pradesh - Exploring

Himachal Pradesh Exploring

Himachal Pradesh - Exploring - null
Himachal Pradesh - Exploring - null
Himachal Pradesh - Exploring - null1+

We don't spend much time in Delhi, so I only have a couple of recommendations to give. Although the time was short, this place was the perfect opening for all the wonderful trip that we were going to make through the great India.


Kasol itself is located in the Parvarti valley, it is a small town with many delicacies for tourists, it has a fairly wide gastronomic offer and you can find dishes for all tastes. A curious fact is that this town is a great connector for other small towns that are in the hills. The town has a special trip so that from here you can climb to the top of the hills


Dharamshala is also a place made for tourists, we spent almost two weeks there and really enjoyed being able to have a great routine, practice yoga and study Tibetan massage. From Dharamsala we did a two-day mountain trek, which was wonderful and inspiring.


We spent a nice week in Rishikesh and did some sports activities.



Goa - Enjoying the sea and the surroundings

Goa Enjoying the sea and the surroundings

Goa - Enjoying the sea and the surroundings - null
Goa - Enjoying the sea and the surroundings - null
Goa - Enjoying the sea and the surroundings - null1+

So the south of india is very different from the north, it took us some time to adjust to the new climate and different food. 

The atmosphere is party-like without leaving aside a bit of spirituality and mysticism.

For me, the sensation was as if I had come out of India since the atmosphere was as if it were completely different from the other places we had visited. 

On the beach of Arambol we ate some nice seafood, which was refreshing. From there we rented motorbikes and rode them across the beach to Paliyem, to play some texas holdem poker in the casino, the driving itself was a really fun experience.

We spent a nice week at Humpy, that's a cool place with incredible views, it was a bit hard to stay there because of the extreme amount of mosquitos.

We finished our trip on the beautiful beach of OM beach, with peaceful vibes at the water line.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Spent more time in the North
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    We missed the connection flight at Moscow!
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Everywhere that serves "Tali"
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Eat at local "dhaba", it is cheap and delicious
  • Transportation Tips?

    Night train is cool and an easy way to move in India
  • Any surprises?

    The food in the South and the North is really different
  • Booking details?

    booking direct


  • sleepy panda, its a great place and is near to everything

  • FabExpress Abalone Resort, i don't really like this place, was dirty and not good service