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The most beautiful area of Germany.

A beautiful gateway to northern Germany

  • Sylt+ 3
  • Hamburg
  • Hamburg
  • The most beautiful area of Germany.
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EuropeGermany6 days / September 2021

Highs & Lows

A lot of sunshine despite the northern hemisphere.

4 hours delay on our train ride with Deutsche Bahn

Itinerary Overview

Although the distances are not unbelievably big in Germany, the general atmosphere, the mood and the openness of the people and the landscapes really change depending on the region, we can find a wide variety of moods and that makes casa region very special, unique and different

A special area is definitely North Germany, the general sense of humor of the people is quite abrupt (in a funny way!), the landscape is flat and characterized by moors, and above all, it is the only coastal region of Germany, where the country borders the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

The combination of everything makes this area really special and enjoyable. My two favorite destinations in northern Germany are the amazing city of Hamburg and the small island of Sylt in the North Sea. These destinations are only a three-hour drive apart, and therefore easy to connect in one trip. Below, I will share my best highlights of these destinations.

  • 1 Night: Hamburg
  • 5 Nights: Sylt
Hamburg - null


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Hamburg is a stunningly picturesque harbor city and with its 1,85 million inhabitants the second largest city in Germany.

The cityscape is characterized by hundreds of canals and invites you to take endless walks to explore.

Karolinenviertel is our favorite district, it’s young, alternative, really creative and colorful. It is paved with cool independent shops and concept stores, Cafés and many Restaurants. The Restaurant Jill, located at the heart of the district serves the most delicious napolitan Pizza and since I need to follow a strict gluten-free diet, I was beyond excited when I found out they also have gluten-free dough - without doubt the best I ever had! Other cool spots for some great food/ hot drink are Happenpappen or in guter Gesellschaft which translates as ‚in good company‘ which is most probably the case here. Apart from that, you fill find endless other amazing places just wandering around this sweet district

Make your way to our favorite Brunch spot Aendre, this place definitely isn’t a secret amongst Hamburgers but for a reason - they have a daily changing menu, really delicious and healthy food and is located in one of the prettiest streets of Hamburg in a beautiful building as well as terrace.

Apart from walking though the Speicherstadt, the historic warehouse complex with all its canals (really touristic, yet a must) take another long walk along the Außenalster, a lake in the middle of the city, soak up the calm vibe and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Villas.

The only downside? Definitely its weather, Hamburg has one of the most rainy days in Germany.

Sylt - null


Sylt - null - null
Sylt - null - null

Sylt has the reputation of being the place for the rich and beautiful and it definitely has a point. Some parts are incredibly snobby, paved with SUVs, Luis Vuitton and Gucci but the island itself really is one of a kind and despite it’s size (the island can be circumnavigated on foot within 24 hours), you can find plenty of spots where you won’t sense any of that.

One of these places is called the Ellenbogen (which means Elbow in german.) It is the most northern tip of Germany, almost Denmark and one of the most quiet places along the island and earns its name due to its shape reminding of a bent arm. To the right, you will find the wadden sea which is decorated by the colorful kites of kitesurfers during high tide and on the left you will find an endless beach with bright sand, facing the north sea (be aware of strong currents in the area).

Due to the handy size of the island, all routes can be covered by bicycle and a specifically beautiful ride is from Wenningstedt to Ellenbogen . Even though distances on the island are short, the wind is all the stronger so be assured that a bike tour on the island can be considered a proper workout!

If you’re lucky to be there on a warm, sunny day, have a beach day in Rantum, an area with one of the most beautiful beaches framed by dunes along the islands.

To me, the greatest thing about Sylt is its air, it is incredibly pure and healing and many Spas accumulated for this specific reason. So make sure to take a couple of deep breaths to take in its healing power.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    The weather somedays

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    - Aendre - Jill napoletan Pizza

  • Packing tips?

    Bring a good raincoat!

  • Transportation Tips?

    Almost any distance in Germany can be covered by train, both Hamburg and Sylt can be reached by train and frequent rides cover this connection.

  • Booking details?

    look for hostels, as the best option