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Trip Report

The French guys in Ireland

It was my first trip and I loved it like no other so far (none is comparable) but Ireland made me feel rejuvenated, made me feel good and made me discover a lot of things, especially the language.

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EuropeIreland25 days / January - February - March 2019

Highs & Lows

The city of Galaway is beautiful!

There is a lot of wind, sometimes rain (we were there in winter) but the charm of the country remains the same

Itinerary Overview

With my friend, we arrived in Dublin on January 8, 2019,
we slept in a hotel. The next day, we crossed Dublin (17km on foot) then we were picked up and taken to Kilkenny. In this city in the evening, the men were at the hairdressers and the women at the beautician, before going out in club. With my friend, we were looking for a place to stay, nobody wanted to help us, so we slept outside, behind containers, under the rain obviously (one of the worst night of my life, the trip starts well šŸ˜‚). The next day, we had no news from our woofing, because we had to join one in the South, but he didn't give any answer...three hours after sleeping center, we went in a subway to warm up and drink a coffee. In the subway there were two people, one of them spoke French and they offered to take us to the place where we had to work, we accepted, these people were very generous! (3h drive there and back) towards Waterford! We found ourselves at the farm, we worked 2 weeks with Denis, his dogs, his horses (35) and his cows! He made us visit the surroundings and we also went to see the sea, with its powerful waves and its gust of wind under the sun!Ā A castle was not far from where we lived too!
Denis is a great person, rough but with a good heart. Then we headed to Cork City, my favorite city! To get there, we had the chance to meet a very kind lady, who took us in hitch-hiking and lodged us for the weekend ā¤ļø
She was an American, she had two children. From Cork, we went to another Woofing, near Mallow, in Kilbrack from, at Patrick ! We stayed there for 3 weeks, Patrick was great, his animals too and the place was beautiful, hidden in a meadow surrounded by trees! We had time to visit Cork and its surroundings while we were working here! Ā  Afterwards, we went up to another farm near Limmerick and Shannon, I recommend Shannon, there is nothing to see there and it's a bit dangerous to hang around...We stayed two weeks in this farm, in the meantime, my father and my sister joined us and we have or to go to see the lakes of the connemara, the city of Galaway and the magnificent roads which we could make while going there! Ireland is full of intense and sumptuous green landscape, as well as free-range sheep šŸ˜‚ Once my father and sister had left, we went back to Patrick's farm with two French friends that we had met in the previous farm! We spent a week there with them and a spanish friend we met at Patrick's, so nice the end of the trip! Our last day, before taking the plane, we did it the day before Saint Patrick's day, in Cork. We partied a bit with the locos and we were taken to the airport by the lady who had hosted us in Cork in the past, unfortunately I don't remember her name and it saddens me... we finally came back to France with a lot of beautiful memories in mind !

  • 20 Nights: Kilbrack Farm
    Learn, meet people, be in nature, work, recharge.
  • 5 Nights: Deep South
    Party, meet new people, party, drink Guinness, watch rugby games, eat good burgers

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have changed the security staff in The Deep South probably, and sometimes the weather, but that's impossible

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Security personnel

  • How was the food?

    Deep South

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Yes, of course !

  • Packing tips?

    Take some warm clothes

  • Transportation Tips?

    I don't have one, only a backpack and a phone

  • Any surprises?

    Big Energy

  • Booking details?

    Go to Google maps or to: deepsouthcork on Instagram


  • Kilbrack Farm is a great place to learn, be independent, meet new people and learn new things! It's not far from Mallow, from there you can catch a bus to Cork! There are dogs, geese, several woofer, patrick and his families, a big park, a huge garden, you can also see greenhouses in the woods by going to the village of Kilbrack by a path.

  • I present you the Deep South! Obviously, I was not going to talk about Ireland without promoting a favorite bar! It's a perfect place to party, eat Gaston food, and watch rugby games in the courtyard with a sunroof! I was able to visit this place several times because I slept at Louise's, an acquaintance