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Trip Report

The Beauties of Canada

10 days on tour through amazing Canada

isabel rodriguez
by isabel rodriguezAbout Me:College student who loves to travel and gain experiences! read more

North AmericaCanada6 days / July 2017

Highs & Lows

The views are amazing, detailing each landscape is a must!

The weather at the Niagara falls is VERY cold it is essential to go with warm clothes.

Itinerary Overview

 I traveled with my grandparents and my sister through the wonders of Canada because my sister was living in Montreal so we decided to join her and spend a family time. We spend 20 days touring around Canada and the United States, seeing and visiting the most important and famous attractions. More specifically, I’m going to focus my attention on three locations that were incredible amazing for me; Ottawa, Toronto and Niagara Falls.

The first day, we arrived to Ottawa and we visited the Parliament Hill which was originally the site of a military base and now a days, is the home of Canada’s federal government. Personally, I loved the place, I consider that it is essential to visit this type of locations since they house a lot of history and beauty all at once, unfortunately we weren’t able to get inside the buildings. However, it is worth appreciating the great structure that prevails and the honor of being surrounded by a place where most of the decisions concerning political issues are being taken.

After a few days staying at Ottawa, we traveled to Toronto with our tour group by bus and it was a 4-hour trip. When we arrived, it was already afternoon so the tour guys left us at the Nathan Phillips Square which is basically the heart of Toronto. We looked for food and we took some pictures near the classic giant sign that says ‘’Toronto’’. Generally, in this place art exhibitions and artistic presentations are held although at the time we went, there were no expositions it was yet a beautiful monument to see. It was a great experience due to the fact that as it was an important emblem to visit, there was a lot of cultural variety and we even became friends with an Indu family that were living in Iceland and we started talking and sharing cultural experiences which was a super fun moment, they became our companions throughout the tour.

Finally, the tour crew picked us up at night and they took us to the Hotel. The next morning, we were going to the most exciting place (for me) which where the Niagara Falls!. In order for us to arrive there, we had to travel by bus for about 3 hours. When we arrived, they left us at the Skylon Tower to lunch. The Skylon is an observation tower that is basically next to the Niagara Falls which means that the height of the building makes it an incredible place to appreciate the magnificence of the Niagara Falls. Additionally, in the top part of the building there is a restaurant (For the ones who are interested, the restaurant is a bit expensive more or less 50 dollars for each plate at the time I went, but it is completely worth it) and it is constantly rotating which allows us to see the landscape from different perspectives. I completely recommend this plan!!. After lunch, we finally went to the falls. We got into a huge boat which took us around the Niagara Falls and they gave us a waterproof kit to avoid getting completely wet. Tip: It was veryyy cold so I really recommend to take with you warm cloth or you will freeze!. After this, they left us in a place where we could get under the falls for those who wanted. Off course I wanted and it was amazing!!! You don’t always have the opportunity to be in such pure water and in such incredible monument! By the time we gathered with our tour group, it was late at night and we were very tired. The bus took us to the hotel but we were very happy because of the great day we had.

  • 3 Nights: Ottawa
    Touring in Ottawa!!
  • 2 Nights: Niagara Falls
    Seeing the amazing Niagara Falls!
  • 1 Night: Toronto
    Visiting the wonders of Toronto!

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Staying longer in Toronto it was a beautiful and amazing city but we couldn't stay for long.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Because we were touring, sometimes we had limited time to see many things so I think that for people who are interested on going, think very well if you want to depend on the time of others.

  • How was the food?

    Lunching at the Skylon Tower is AMAZING. The dominant food throughout the whole trip was fast food.

  • Transportation Tips?

    I really recommend renting a car, a tour or a driver since there are many places to see and very long distances.

  • Any surprises?

    The quality of people. They were all extremely nice and willing to help