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Switzerland- Islands, Lakes, Rivers and Mountains!

Go follow your soul into deep lakes, long rivers, high mountains and wide islands!

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  • St. Peter's Island
  • St. Peter's Island
  • Switzerland-  Islands, Lakes, Rivers and Mountains!
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EuropeSwitzerland5 days / August - September 2020

Highs & Lows

Roadtrip - rent a van!

It's cold - bring some blankets and popcorn to cheer you up!

Itinerary Overview

Switzerland has enough natural  beauty to nourish the senses and to feed your soul!

It feels as though Switzerland has a bit of everything: Lake's, River's and Island's!

From the foothills of Bernese Oberland to Lucerne’s lake-side promenades, you can revel in the sounds of Swiss history, savour the crisp fresh air and marvel at the staggering sights of its unspoiled charm.

Its cities all offer something unique, but also something unmistakably Swiss – exemplified by three of its most popular destinations, Zurich, Lucerne and Interlaken, which can be visited with ease.


This wealthy city might be big on banking and chocolate but there are other elements making it tick.
Its authentic village traditions, cultural heritage and natural beauty are also of national importance.
At the epicentre of its luxurious natural charm is the magnificent Dolder Grand hotel, where scenic wonders of Zurich come into focus. And what is good enough for the likes of Prince William, Hilary Clinton, and Leonardo DiCaprio, is good enough for most of us.

With its seductive garden views augmented by a breath-taking backdrop of snow-capped mountains – a meticulous masterpiece in itself – it is hardly surprising the hotel attracts such affluent clientele.

It was also the perfect setting for Hollywood Blockbuster, David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring Rooney Mara.

For the ultimate escape, hop on a complimentary e-bike and conquer the hotel’s surrounding acres of lush valley trails, tranquil paths and slopes. The bike’s electric motor helps you power up the steepest hills, making it an easy and enjoyable ride.

Zurich’s cultural heritage is just as valuable as its natural wonders, having attracted many notable artists in the 19th and 20th centuries. The hotel itself houses an impressive art collection in collaboration with Galerie Gmurzynska including Andy Warhol’s Big Retrospective Painting and Salvador Dali’s 1960 piece – La Brouette.

The city owes much of its cultural splendour to the legendary Dada art movement founded in the narrow cobbled streets of the city in 1916.

It has become a more vibrant cultural hub with the opening of FIFA’s World Football Museum and Europe’s first physical and virtual museum dedicated to the digital arts.

Culinary classes dotted around the city are also a big hit among foodies, such as The Team Cooking Class. Here you can enjoy making tantalising meals under the direction of renowned chefs before devouring them.


While the Swiss rail network includes some of the most dazzling routes on the planet, meandering through twisting roads by car makes the picturesque journey all the more palpable.

From Zurich, drive to Mount Rigi – Queen of the Mountains offering magnificient views of Lake Lucerne, and the Alps.

In Lucerne, walk along Chapel Bridge with its Water Tower where you might be greeted by a performance from a Swiss alphorn player. You will soon notice the town is sprinkled with historic houses, busy outdoor morning markets selling fresh fruit and vegetables, and stylish cafes.
The romantic lakefront promenade on Lake Lucerne is best enjoyed with a backdrop of clear skies before heading to the popular Swiss Museum of Transport.


From Lucerne to Interlaken, you will come across the reassuring sound of Swiss cowbells tinkling away in the distance via Brunig, drowned out by the majestic roar of waterfalls.

Feast your eyes on pockets of alpine beauty along the way while roaming through quaint villages, and soak up the sights of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun that shimmer with beautiful turquoise and emerald hues.

Take the vintage funicular to the highest point of Interlaken – Hardler Kulm – and enjoy sights of unhindered bliss. From here, the scent of wild pine is better than any car freshener you will come across.

Head further south to experience the high-alpine world of Jungfraujoch – the largest glacier in Eurasia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A guided tour in a comfortable motor coach will take you to the splendid mountain world of Bernese Oberland. Travel in a modern cogwheel train up to Kleine Scheidegg, between the Eiger and Lauberhorn peaks.

Continue to the Jungfraujoch for endless snow and ice, visit the ice palace and experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the Aletsch Glacier – Europe’s longest ice river.

The trip back down to the valley takes you to the equally stunning mountain village of Grindelwald, rounding off a tour full of outstanding beauty – both natural and man-made.

  • 2 Nights: St. Peter's Island
    St. Petersinsel Erlach National Park
  • 1 Night: Blausee
    Mountains, Lake, Fishery
  • 2 Nights: Verzaska Valley
St. Peter's Island - St. Petersinsel Erlach National Park

St. Peter's Island St. Petersinsel Erlach National Park

St. Peter's Island - St. Petersinsel Erlach National Park - null
St. Peter's Island - St. Petersinsel Erlach National Park - null
St. Peter's Island - St. Petersinsel Erlach National Park - null2+

Take a Scenic Trip of a lifetime through Switzerland!

Geneva Airport- rent a car- drive to St. Peter's Island National Park Biel!

Welcome to the beautiful St Pierre Island which is really amazing. You can reach the Island on foot, with a bike or on a boat. You can of course swim too, if you are an excellent swimmer! We walked from Erlach along the Island all the way to the restaurant at the end where we had some lunch and then caught the ferry back to Erlach. A lovely day out in nature.

A calm, unspoiled peninsula on the Bielersee that offers kilometers of dirt paths for biking and walking. The St. Peter's Island is a place for picknicking, swimming, observing flora, and just enjoying nature. Stop at the Monastery Restaurant for a nice fruit tarte or home made ice cream. 

The philosopher and revolutionary intellectual Jean-Jacques Rousseau was expelled from France where he had spent several years. He resettled in his country of birth and found refuge in the monastery of St. Peter’s Island in the middle of Switzerland's Lake Biel. You can still see his writings, books and visit his room as an Museum on the Island. 

Blausee - Mountains, Lake, Fishery

Blausee Mountains, Lake, Fishery

Blausee - Mountains, Lake, Fishery - null
Blausee - Mountains, Lake, Fishery - null
Blausee - Mountains, Lake, Fishery - null5+

A romantic forest Lake in the Kander Valley!

Switzerland is known for its fantastic landscapes. Wonderful alps, beautiful forests and amazing lakes. And the “Blausee” in Kandersteg belongs to one of those amazing and unique lakes. Take your camera with you and do some nice photography there.
There is a beautiful legend behind the color of this lake, go and check it out!

Lake Blausee between Kandersteg and Frutigen in the Oberland is a romantic and pretty forest lake of an intensely blue colour which gives it the name: Blue Lake. 

A paved path leads from the gift shop at the entrance down to the lake through a thick forest. Quickly, the striking blue lake appears.

The small lake - really more a pond - sits in the middle of a beautiful 22-acre nature park that reminds me of a natural Japanese Garden.

The trail is covered in pine trees, thick bushes and boulders covered in moss, you will wander threw a thick forest. If you believe in fairies, this is definitely the place to meet them.

Operating hours:

Summer - 9am to 5 pm with some exceptions when it closes early for special events

Winter - 10am to 5pm

Getting there:

- by train or bus 
   1 hour from Bern; 40 minutes from Thun, 30 minutes from Spiez, 1     
   hour and 10 minutes from Interlaken Ost (East)

- by car 
   Large parking area at the front entrance



Verzaska Valley - null

Verzaska Valley

Verzaska Valley - null - null
Verzaska Valley - null - null
Verzaska Valley - null - null4+

Ponte dei Salti!

Along the Verzasca river there are lots inlets where you can take a dip in the most clear and fresh (really fresh) waters. At Lavertezzo you find the biggest and most popular - and also most spectacular of them. It's such a unique place that attracts tourists from all over the world. You can sunbathe on the rocks, swim lengths along the natural pool, upstream for exercise and downstream for a stroll, and also jump off the bridge with the brave ones. It's safe as long as you remain in the main pools and don't go your way following the rapids.

Valle Verzasca is a piece of heaven on earth. It is located quite close to Bellinzona. Climbing along the street first you meet the huge dike that create a big lake. Bungee jumping lovers can stop here to have a great jump. 

Continuing along the road you’ll pass by the lake, for sure this the worst part of the trip. At the end of the lake the paradise begin..
It is a great river with the top reached at the Ponte dei Salti. This is a great roman bridge almost unbelievable. The braver can jump directly into the river (around 10 meters high), but the best how the river shaped all stones around this area.

The whole area is perfect for camping. You can simply park the car and reach the river shores where you can take a wonderful swim in the natural pools. After this great experience we organized a good BBQ.

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