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Trip Report

Surf Vacation in Trinidad-and-Tobago

A week of surf and 3 days of exploration of the Island.

by samuelAbout Me:I am 19 years old French boy currently living in Montreal, Canada. I have been blessed enough to be able to travel a lot with my family, mostly in Central America, but also in Africa and Europe. Furthermore, I absolutely love discovering a... read more

North AmericaTrinidad and Tobago8 days / December 2018

Highs & Lows

Surf at Mount Irvine beach

Getting stung by a Medusa in Buccoo bay

Itinerary Overview

My family and I went to Trinidad-and-Tobago for around 10 days at the end of december 2018 and it was absolutely awesome. Our plane landed on the island of Trinidad, where we spent one night before heading to the island of Tobago, where we spent most of the trip. In Tobago, we stayed at a very nice guest house in Buccoo Bay called Miller’s guest house (it has a wonderful view of the bay and the beach). Very close to the guest house there was a very nice restaurant held by a man named Carlton who is a certified chef, where you can enjoy delicious local food and you can ask him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The beach of the town is very close to the guest house (2 min walk) and on your way there is a nice little shop where you can get a fresh smoothie to enjoy on the beach! The beach itself is very nice and not too crowded, which definitely is a plus. Most of the people there are locals and one day some of them invited us to play soccer with them and it was very fun.

The main attraction of this trip was the surfing, so let’s talk about that. From Buccoo Bay, you can go to Mount Irvine bay, which is a great surf spot for people of all levels. It is a 20-30 min walk to get there from Miller’s guest house, but you can also take a taxi if you wish. On the beach you can rent surf boards and go ride the waves yourself or you can take classes with the great instructors that are there. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you take the classes since they are not too expensive and the instructors really do a good job at helping you catch the waves and giving you some tips to make it easier and more enjoyable for you. When you are done surfing, you can stay at the beach and chill in hammocks or the transats that are available there. Also, there is a super nice lady who sells homemade “roti”, which is the local specialty and the one she makes are the best ones that we tried on the whole trip!

After around a week on the island of Tobago, we went back to the island of Trinidad to take our flight back to Canada as the only international airport is located near the capital city. We went a bit earlier so that we could spend a bit of time in Trinidad. We stayed in a little hotel in the small village of Salybia where there was a chef that prepared meals for us. From Salybia, we went to Grande Riviere for a day at the beach. The day after that, we went on a hike in the middle of a jungle where at the end there was a beautiful natural pool with a waterfall. The place is absolutely beautiful with its deep blue water and surrounding jungle, however the path to get there can be very muddy and slippery if it rained before, so bring some good hiking shoes or shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

  • 7 Nights: Buccoo
    Surfing and beach
  • Day trip: Buccoo
    Mount Irvine bay Surfing and beach
  • 1 Night: Salybia
    Surfing and beach

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have liked to spend a bit more time on the island of Trinidad and explore it more.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?


  • How was the food?

    Go to Carlton’s restaurant in Buccoo bay, he will prepare delicious local food for you at a great price.

  • Packing tips?

    If you are planning to go surfing, bring a t-shirt that you don’t mind taking in the water with you because surf schools don’t always provide them.

  • Transportation Tips?

    Avoid taking taxis because they can be quite expensive.

  • Any surprises?

    There is an insane amount of stray dogs in Buccoo!