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Summer Trip to Southern Sweden

Experience the Land of the Midnight Sun: Hours of Daylight & Unforgettable Swedish Midsummer!

  • Kayaking into the sunset+ 5
  • City beach
  • Gamla Stan
  • Summer Trip to Southern Sweden
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EuropeSweden5 days / June - July 2021

Highs & Lows

The most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises lasting for hours

High prices

Itinerary Overview

Although Sweden is gorgeous all year round, experiencing the long days in the summer is very special. Around midsummer (in late June), you'll have close to 24 hours of sunlight. It'll be dark from 1-2am, but never pitch black. There'll be brightly coloured, forever lasting sunsets, shortly followed by stunningly pretty sunrises. By 4am, it'll be as bright as midday. You can have such a fantastic time during those long days, that you’ll never want them to end. Stockholm has lots to offer as a city, make sure to stay at least a few days. And the Swedes know how to enjoy midsummer. There’ll be smiling faces all over town and lots of parties every night. The archipelago will offer you a new kind of solitude and quiet, one you’ve likely never heard before. It’s the most peaceful place I’ve ever been, and the colourful skies make it even more magical.

Note: If you go even further north (which I sadly haven't had the chance to yet), the sun will not go down at all!

  • 3 Nights: Stockholm
    City trip with magical skies
  • 2 Nights: Bottna
    Magical and peaceful nature
Stockholm - City trip with magical skies

Stockholm City trip with magical skies

Stockholm - City trip with magical skies - City beach
City beach
Stockholm - City trip with magical skies - Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan
Stockholm - City trip with magical skies - The view from the ferry1+
The view from the ferry

Stockholm has a lot to offer! My highlights are the beautiful old town centre Gamla Stan with its colourful old houses and crooked alleyways, the photography museum Fotografiska that I visit every single time I’m in Stockholm and never fails to amaze me, the viewpoint over the water and the city from Slussen, and all the pretty metro stations. For the latter, I recommend getting a day ticket (sadly quite pricey) and going to the stops on this list: https://www.visitstockholm.com/see-do/attractions/art-in-the-subway/

If you have enough time, you should also go to the theme park Gröna Lund – I’m not usually one for theme parks but this one stole my heart. Going up the freefall tower during golden hour with a view over the water was breathtaking.

Although the days are long, opening times stay the same. So make sure to do all “city things” during the day and find a chill spot in a park or by the water to hang out for the evening/”night”. There are also a few good swimming spots in the many waters of Stockholm (for example, Langholmen).

Bottna - Magical and peaceful nature

Bottna Magical and peaceful nature

Bottna - Magical and peaceful nature - Kayaking into the sunset
Kayaking into the sunset
Bottna - Magical and peaceful nature - Lots of the islands also have forests
Lots of the islands also have forests
Bottna - Magical and peaceful nature - The mainland1+
The mainland

The nature around here is one of a kind. You’ll find hundreds of tiny islands in the archipelago. I highly recommend you rent a kayak or boat to explore them. Make sure to take a good book, some picknick, and a nice drink for the evening. There’s not much to do besides enjoy the peace and quiet. But trust me, that’ll take your full attention and you won’t get bored. The islands may all look similar at first, but each has it’s special charm. My family has a nickname for many of the islands based on what is special about it. And don’t miss the long sunsets and sunrises, they’re incredible! In Sweden you’re allowed to camp anywhere, so if you can, bring a tent to set up on one of the little islands. You can also have a bonfire, but please make sure not to light it on one of the big rocks, as those are under protection and may crack under the heat. Also check for any forest fire warnings as the summer months may be very dry!

Q & A

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Hermann's veggie buffet has the most delicious menu and beautiful views
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Get groceries to cook in the hostel kitchen - eating out gets really expensive there. City backpackers hostel has complimentary pasta!
  • Packing tips?

    Even in the midst of summer, Sweden is not super warm. Definitely pack a layer or two for the nights
  • Transportation Tips?

    Public transport is expensive but Stockholm is big, so walking everywhere gets tiring. The Swedes love their electric scooters, you'll find them all over the city and they're easy to use and a cheap alternative
  • Any surprises?

    Every time I go I'm surprised by how expensive it is... make sure to budget
  • Booking details?

    Make sure to book far in advance if you're planning on going for midsummer. It's a popular time to visit