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Trip Report

State of Rio do Janeiro

Rio is a wonderful place to be. The city has everything you can ask for.It has an amazing night life ,beautiful beaches and natural places that are near by.

by pristorresAbout Me:The world to me has always been a curiosity.Travel like a way of living or something I always need.It doesnt matter if is close or far.Knowing the unknown. I was born in the south of Argentina Patagonia.When i was seven i went to live to U... read more

South AmericaBrazil33 days / January 2020

Highs & Lows

Be careful with too much caipirihnia in Lapa

Tropical weather ,sometimes it rains a lot

Itinerary Overview

  • Rio de Janeiro

I arrived at Rio on the same day as the revellion party.It was on December 31 st of 2019. My reservation in mario's house on the favela of Santa Marta was an amazing experience to really get to know the heart of Rio.20 percent of the population in Rio lives there. Mario and his family received us on new years day. We couldn't miss the revellion party at Copacabana with the great fireworks. You also have to be very careful there. I don't recommend you take anything of value, just the money you want to spend on drinks and food. 

Next day we went to Ipanema beach, in Rio you have buses or the metro (subway) that crosses the whole city.To go to Ipanema beach you can take the metro and get off at Ipanema station or Nossa senhora da paz.The sunset and sunrise at praia do arpoador is beautiful.

If you want to go to have a good time at night you need to go to Lapa.Is a bohemian neighborhood that has a big arc witch is called Arc of Lapa. You can take a taxi,uber or go by metro if you don't go too late.The metro station is cinelandia.There is the scales of selaron that is an artist work of art.

On tuesday museums are free in Rio.I visited the Rio Art Museum and the museum da amanha.That has a big and amazing architecture.You can get of on the Uruguaiana station.


  • Arraial Do Cabo

Is a small city very close from Rio only two hours away,you can take a bus on the rodovaria that is a bus terminal.Or you can use the bla bla car app that is very commun and safe to use.It is also cheaper than the bus.You share a care with other people that need to go where you go.It is a very calm place with caribbean beaches, it is known as the Brazilian Caribbean. That water is transparent and very warm.It is one of the best places in Brazil to do snorkel and diving. The best beach for me was pontal do atalaia.But have other beaches like praihina and praia grande that are also very nice.In praia grande you can have a great sunset.

  • Sana

It is a very small town that is three hours from Rio.You have to go first to Rio das Ostras and then to Sana.If you like mountains, rivers ,waterfalls and shooting stars you must go there. It is a very hippie town where the people can be very peaceful and warm. You have the cachoeiras of Sana, which are five large waterfalls. You can also have the experience of cucumelo. It is a fungus that grown in the  grass, you must ask first and watch videos and read about that before trying it. It could be a healing experience in a magical place in peace with nature.

  • 12 Nights: Rio de Janeiro
    Know the carioca culture and go to the beach
  • 7 Nights: Arraial do Cabo
    Caribbean beaches
  • 14 Nights: Arraial do Sana
    Is a very magical place with mountains,waterfalls and shooting stars

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would maybe spend less time in Rio because is a intense city and go more to Arraial do cabo that is a safer and calm place

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Not really

  • How was the food?

    The food is bittersweet, the sea food is very good

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Take sun glasses , a hat and water everytime yo go out.It can be very hot

  • Packing tips?

    Don't take winter or heavy clothing

  • Transportation Tips?

    In rio use the metro everytime you can, is easy to read and you won't get lost

  • Any surprises?

    Just good ones

  • Booking details?

    I used booking for some hostels but you can get a cheaper price if you look by booking but go to check it out for yourself