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Slovenia vacation: camping in the Alps and coast

For our Slovenia vacation, we did a camping and hiking trip with a friend, exploring the Tiglav National Park and also the coast at the Mediterranean Sea.

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  • Slovenia vacation: camping in the Alps and coast
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EuropeSlovenia4 days / August 2021

Highs & Lows

Hike to the top of Triglav Mountain

Overnight train ride

Itinerary Overview

Last year summer we spent 10 days on vacation in the Slovenian alps at Triglav National Park and also some days at the coast. We started our trip by taking an overnight train to Ljubljana. From there we went up to Bled by train and spent one night at a campsite a little bit out of town before heading into Triglav National Park. From there on we were on the way by foot, hiking every day and sleeping at Camping Sites or in huts up in the mountains.We made our way through the valley of 7 lakes and up to Triglav Mountain itself before exploring the Soca. Luckily we met some nice girls who took us with them in their car to the coast of Slovenia, while we also stopped in Triest in Italy along the way to get some Italian groceries. At the coast we spent the last few days of our Trip before going back to Ljubljana and heading home. 

  • 2 Nights: Trenta
    Soca valley and Triglav Mountain
  • 2 Nights: Izola
    Beach, food, relax
Trenta - Soca valley and Triglav Mountain

Trenta Soca valley and Triglav Mountain

Trenta - Soca valley and Triglav Mountain - null
Trenta - Soca valley and Triglav Mountain - null
Trenta - Soca valley and Triglav Mountain - null1+

The Soca Valley is popular for people visiting and passing through Slovenia as it is part of the Alpe-Adria-Trail. It is definitely the Center of attractions in the Triglav national Park. We arrived in Trenta on our first night in The Valley, spent one night at a campsite, and spent the next day just strolling around the Soca Valley. We also went for a swim which is really cold but refreshing. Next morning, we got up early to make our way up to Triglav‘s top. During to bad weather conditions, we could not make it to the real top of the mountain but it was still a really amazing hike. We slept one night in a hut close to the top and made our way down again the next day, also hiking along the Soca for the rest of the day until we reached Bovec and visited the Boka waterfalls. From there we went down to the coast by car with two other backpackers we met in the hut up in the mountain.

Izola - Beach, food, relax

Izola Beach, food, relax

Izola - Beach, food, relax - null
Izola - Beach, food, relax - null
Izola - Beach, food, relax - null1+

This super cute small town on the coast of Slovenia (which is only about 50km Long, as Italy and Croatia are claiming the rest of it at the Mediterranean Sea) might be easily missed. But it’s definitely worth a visit. It has an Italian vibe, including nice coffee, Aperol, and pastries in affordable prices. The first night we spent at a wine yard further up the highlands, which offers parking lots for camper vans, and also we were allowed to camp in the garden with our tents, having an incredible view over the hills and the sea. The second night we just slept at the beach and started the next day with an early morning swim. Izola doesn‘t have a lot of tourist attractions to offer but is really nice for some relaxed days at the sea. I would also recommend going to Mesecev zaliv, also called Moonbay, a really pretty bay which you reach through a small path down the cliffs but the little hike is definitely worth it.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Plan the hiking trips a bit more detailed to avoid days with a lot of km.
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Due to not so much planning in advance, we had to hike for 11 hours one day because there were no spots left at the hut in the mountain
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Bife pri kralju
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Book huts in the mountain a few days in advance to make sure you have a spot there
  • Packing tips?

    Trekking gear, if you want to make it to Triglav's top I would recommend taking a helmet and climbing equipment
  • Transportation Tips?

    Public transport with trains or buses works quite well, to get to the coast you might need a car


  • Kamp Triglav, really nice camp site close to the Soca river, clean bathrooms and showers, and an outdoor kitchen available, a small van from the local supermarket comes in the morning to deliver bread and other groceries.

  • Tourist Farm Robivera, wine yard with a beautiful view over the hills and the sea, for camper-vans and also some tents, need to call in advance to make sure they have some space.