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Slovakia - the country of castles

Visit Slovakia - one of the countries with the most castles per person.

by patríciaAtlasGuru Contributor

EuropeSlovakia1 day / September 2020

Highs & Lows

Exploring the majesty of the castles is a great idea during your stay in Slovakia.

During the summer season a lot of people tend to visit castles, be ready for waiting in the rows.

Itinerary Overview

Slovakia is a small country with a great amount of castles so its actually hard to choose between all of them. Here, I will present those I liked the most as I have visited many of them. 

Starting from the East, Spiš castle is the largest medieval castle complex in Central Europe. In the summer there are a regular tours of the castle that I strongly recommend. Our next stop is castle Trenčín built on top of a steep rock that makes of it dominant of the region Povazie. Varied exhibitions, medieval games and attractive night sightseeing  are organised at the castle during the year which gives to castle an added value for its visitors. Lat but not least is Bratislava castle that is a dominant of Slovak capital city Bratislava. Castle went through the reconstruction and today it offers exhibition, gardens, parks and interesting monuments. Castle has a perfect location thanks to its neighborhood with the old town that offers a great possibilities for culture, food or other kinds of entertainment. 

  • Day trip: Spiš Castle
    The largest medieval castle complex in Central Europe.
  • Day trip: Trencin castle slovakia
    Atractive program for families.
  • Day trip: Bratislava Castle
    The dominant of the capital city.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would reserved more time for the visit.

  • How was the food?

    All castles are usually located near the town so you can easily reach different types of restaurants with local food.

  • Transportation Tips?

    Slovakia is equipped with good transportation connections, so getting to the castles will not be a problem for you.