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Slovak highest mountains

3 days of hiking and relaxing in the highest mountain in Slovakia - The High Tatras (Slavkovský štít, Priečne sedlo, Chata pod Rysmi). Where to go and and stay.

by marekAtlasGuru Contributor

EuropeSlovakia3 days / September 2019

Highs & Lows

Potato dumplings with sheep cheese so called ´Bryndzove halusky´ are recommended for sufficient strength!

The weather is the most constant in the September with lot of sunlight so the sun protection is a must.

Itinerary Overview

When looking at the High Tatras, it is difficult to overlook the massif of Slavkovský štít/peak. It rises above Starý Smokovec and is popular among tourists as one of the highest peaks of the mountain range (with a height of 2452 m above sea level, it is the third highest freely accessible hill in the High Tatras)


The hike through the Priečne Sedlo/Transverse Saddle definitely belongs to the list of hikes that you simply have to take in the Tatras. At an altitude of 2,352 mamsl. the saddle intersects the middle ridge and thus connects the Malú/Small and Veľkú Studenú dolinu/Large Cold Valley. This route is described as the most technically demanding marked hiking trail in the High Tatras.


Chata pod Rysmi/Cottage under the Rysy is the highest and at the same time the youngest Tatra cottage. It was built in 1933 and since then it has welcomed thousands of visitors seeking refuge between the Tatra peaks. The mountain peak Rysy itself can boast of visiting such personalities as Marie and Pierre Curie or Vladimir Ilijic Lenin.

  • 1 Night: Slavkovský štít
    Long - term output with a beautiful view.
  • 1 Night: Priečne sedlo
    Flushes of adrenaline are waiting for you in the form of steel chains, staples and dangerous falls.
  • 1 Night: Chata pod Rysmi
    The highest laying cottage in the High Tatras.

Q & A

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    You should be at least average fit. You go to an unpredictable mountain environment.

  • Packing tips?

    Equip yourself for the hike - with proper clothes and shoes as well as food supplies

  • Transportation Tips?

    The easiest way to get to the Tatras is by train to Štrba / Poprad. And then by bus/train to any of your starting location.


  • Mountain Hotel Bilíkova Chata/cottage, Booking. The beautiful decor and peaceful atmosphere let you feel relaxed here. It's a pleasant experience to taste nicely cooked cabbage soup and good Halusky.

  • Zbojnícka chata/cottage, Friends. Cozy sleeping in a shared dormitory. In addition to the possibility of purchasing ready meals, there is also a kitchen with gas stove, utility water and dryer. Toilet is outside the cottage.

  • Chata pod Rysmi/Cottage under the Rysy (peak) The cottage was recently renovated and currently offers 14 beds in a roof dormitory, a buffet and the most exposed dry toilet in the Tatras, outside the cottage. We have used and enjoyed all of it!