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Sailing in Hawaii

Getting a Sailboat and Sailing in Hawaii

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About Me:I am a women with a big wings, I love to travel and connecting with nature, human, animals, water, in other words with everything, i love the life and i feel thankful to be in this land. read more

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Getting a Sailboat in hawaii

Sailing in Hawaii

Itinerary Overview

I arrived to Honolulu in May 2019, the weather was hot, not too humid, i'd booked though airbnb two nights on a boat at Ke'ehi harbor in honolulu, I met Chris,he has his boat like  100 meters from the docks, so we took his dinghy and we went to the boat, he had solar panels, batteries and medium tank to provide light and water, the boat was 50 feet (Mooring far away to the docks have to be a big boat and the monthly payment is cheaper than to have a boat on the dock), so I loved the experience and i started to looked it up for a sailboat to live in, i checked on craighlist and i took a week to find a 32 ft sailboat for sale( Always there many people leaving the island and arriving the island, i mean a lot of people living in the island for a while) so you're going to  find a good deals in furniture, boats,among other). I bought a MacGregor 26 ft and moored it at Ala Wai Harbor in Waikiki, they asked for :

- Registration of the boat

- Insurance (I took Geico boat insurance, they charged me like $120 per year and payed montly like $20 box)

- They checked the sailboat have to work well,and some things like a lantern, lights on the front and the back of the boat and fill the application form up.

At the same day, the gave a temporary permission for six months, i asked for the keys of the restrooms( they have shower and most of the times were clean) 

the montly fees were:

mooring each fifteen days payment :$225

Showers/Restroom: $45 monthly

I stayed aboard for eight months, i met a guy, the best sailer ever, he taught me to sail and charged me few boxes, so if you want to learn, just let me know and i give you the contact. 

I sailed from O'ahu to Molokai, Lanai, Maui. 

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    Be ready before Sail to feel the power of the water. Sailing with more people.

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