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Roys Peak and Akaroa Hikes: New Zealand's Hidden Gems

My Amazing Experience Hiking Roys Peak and Akaroa

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  • Roys Peak and Akaroa Hikes: New Zealand's Hidden Gems
About Me:I am Alice, 21yo and I took a gap year for travelling in New Zealand and in South America. read more

OceaniaNew Zealand2 days / April - May 2023

Highs & Lows

Peaceful place and not a lot of tourist

Definitely no lowlight

Itinerary Overview

These are two very famous hikes in New Zealand. Most people hike Roys Peak very early in the morning to be able to watch the sunrise at the summit. For my part, I chose the worst possible time to do this hike. In fact I started it at 12 p.m. with only a liter of water. I was expecting a fairly easy hike but it wasn't. On the other hand, the view deserve it. 
For Akaroa, I didn't expect much. And ultimately it's one of the beautiful hikes of my life. You are surrounded by mountains, the ocean and the peninsula. The landscapes are truly incredible. For this hike I was a little better prepared. I started it around 9am and took enough water. The weather was superb which made the view even more admirable and the walk more pleasant. The hike took me maybe 4 hours in total. You have several possible routes and you choose the one that suits you best depending on the time you want to walk.

  • 1 Night: Roys Peak
  • 1 Night: Akaroa
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Roys Peak

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This hike is quite mentally difficult because it's almost all uphill. I did it with two friends but we each walked at our own pace and I recommend for this hike to really do it at your own pace. It can be really stressful for the person who walks slower to try to keep up with the pace of the first person. But conversely, for this hike, it is just as tiring for those who walk quickly to have to stop at every turn to wait for others. This hike took us about 7 hours round trip. I made it during the fall/early winter. The temperature was perfect since there was plenty of sunshine. For the return, it's so steep that it's easier to do it by running, it also gives a little feeling of freedom which is satisfying. I highly recommend going with enough water and food.

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This hike is just amazing! I did it with a friend, we drove to the parking lot. But at the moment I'm not sure if it was a parking lot, it was very poorly marked. Plus there was no one there so no other cars. We first took a long dirt road until we came to a barrier. Behind this barrier there was a board with the description of all the routes. We chose the one that takes us to the summit, but with a shorter return. I don't remember the name sorry anymore. The walk wasn't really difficult. We walked side by side the whole way with my friend and we were able to chat without being too out of breath. The landscapes are super varied so from start to finish we enjoyed the hike. It didn't last very long, we started it around 9am and finished around 2pm. Then we went back down to the town to eat a sandwich at the foot of the port. We did this in the middle of winter and yet the weather was magnificent and we were even warm.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    For the Roys Peak, I thought the hike was easy and quick but absolutely not. It must be absolutely amazing to do it at sunrise
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    I didn’t take enought water for the Roys Peak… Everything was good for Akaroa.
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Take minimum 3L of water
  • Packing tips?

    Water, water, water, cereal bars, picnic, sunscreen and a hat
  • Transportation Tips?

    You need to going there with a car
  • Any surprises?

    Totally surprise by the view! Incredible