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Weekend with friends around Paris

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EuropeFrance3 days / April 2017

Highs & Lows

Street food and shows

Prices and plenty of tourists

Itinerary Overview

A group of friends from Puerto Rico, came for a weekend to enjoy the wonders of Paris, we had only two nights but it was worth their arrival.

The trip started on Friday night and had a bit of trouble getting to the hotel, as the trains were very crowded, however, the place we had found was nice but a bit close to the train station, so the noise of the rail was heard all the time.

So the idea was to show them  the most representative places but in a record time!

Stories that we will always remember

  • 2 Nights: Paris
    Visiting a friend
  • 1 Night: Versailles
Paris - Visiting a friend

Paris Visiting a friend

Paris - Visiting a friend - null
Paris - Visiting a friend - null
Paris - Visiting a friend - null1+

With much expectation my friends were looking forward to their days in the city of light, so early in the morning, they were all ready to enjoy all that Paris has to offer.

We started by renting a bike and rode through the streets of the city until we reached the tower.

The excitement in their eyes was visible every time we got closer.

We tried to see it from many angles because each one of them has its own magic.

When we got closer to the tower the street performers and street shows were what we could enjoy, magic, singers, and dancers also make the magic in this place, in the place we found a tour in Spanish that explained a little of the history and the magic of this place. 

Important, if you want to use the elevator to go up the tower or anything else you must book in advance, as this place is full all year round. 

Versailles - Tourism

Versailles Tourism

Versailles - Tourism - null
Versailles - Tourism - null
Versailles - Tourism - null1+

Another of the most visited places closer to Paris is the Versailles Palace, where you can see a bit of history and the past of France, this place hides wonderful secrets of places of the kings and also has wonderful gardens and fields.

We went by train to this area, which is a very easy option. there we booked a tour which gave us  all the information about the place.

The entrance fee and the tour are a bit expensive, however, it is worth visiting this place. 

Q & A

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Local and street food
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Book your trip with time in order to have good prices
  • Packing tips?

    Bring comfortable clothes and sun blocker , even in winter time
  • Transportation Tips?

    Local transport works good enough
  • Any surprises?

    So many shows around Paris, also many rats
  • Booking details?