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Panama - the clutch of Central and South America, making Latin America complete

Small country, not much crowded by tourists but still with a lot to see & all year round good weather & tasty (sea)food - a hidden gem in Central America with potential of becoming very popular

by zuzanaAbout Me:Happy person traveling the world read more

North AmericaPanama14 days / April - September 2016

Highs & Lows

Fresh fish served directly after being caught from the sea, two-days trip to close by Taboga island & trip to Bocas del Toro

As solo traveler and young woman from Europe, I felt very often being watched by locals as something they're not used to

Itinerary Overview

  • 10 Nights: Panama City
    Nice small historic old town - Casco Viejo, Cinta Costera - skyscraper skyline promenade along the sea and Panama Canal
  • Day trip: Boquete
    It was the perfect destination on our journey through the country, beautiful & colorful nature and surrounded by coffee farms
  • 4 Nights: Bocas del Toro Province
    Beach, seafood, wildlife and the whole scenery of Bocas del Toro, being close to the border with Costa Rica

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    In Panama there is good weather all year round, so you can go anytime. I was there in March/April, September and January and each time it was raining just a bit, heavy shower for about 20min and that's it. People say Panama City is not worth a visit, but I disagree, as it has quite a few things to show and offer. Overall, if you want to see as much as possible from the whole country, I would recommend around 2 weeks of stay, depending on how long you want to relax at the beach and how much time you want to keep for sightseeing.

  • How was the food?

    Definitely try the restaurants in Casco Viejo, the old town of Panama City. There are various cuisines being cooked, I would recommend Nazca 21, which offers mainly Peruvian cuisine, I've eaten there one of the best and tastiest ceviche ever. In general, you will find plenty of fresh food, especially fish and seafood, everywhere. Along the beaches, on Taboga Island same as in Bocas del Toro, you will be served freshly caught fish - you can't miss such an opportunity and delicacy!

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    If you're about to travel alone and additionally, you're a woman, be prepared that people will be looking at you a lot as this country is not that much used to tourists, especially tourists from outside the United States. I've never felt insecure or threatened, but you'll just feel the staring.

  • Transportation Tips?

    In Panama City everything is easily accessible either by foot, or by taxi (Uber) or by bus. Traveling through the country is easy by buses or collectivos, small buses or vans, leaving once the capacity of the vehicle is reached (often very fast). When going to the close by islands, boats are leaving very frequently. Overall, the transportation in Panama is very good and cheap. Just beware of Easter, where the whole country is on the roads, especially the people living in Panama City are visiting all their relatives in the countryside. It's almost impossible to get a bus ticket, unless you've booked it days or even weeks in advance....Read More

  • Booking details?

    All booked via Booking.com


  • Hostal Miami Panama; great location close to the city center and mainly to Cinta Costera, the promenade along the sea and skyscraper skyline; chilling hostel atmosphere with clean room, nearby possibility of shopping and full of young travellers from all around the world

  • Red Frog Beach Island Resort - situated directly at the beachfront with outstanding food and amazing wildlife. The room was well-equipped and the hosts really nice. Great view, lovely pool, highly recommended for a few chilling days.