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Trip Report

New Zealand South Island Road trip

A trip through the untouched nature in New Zealand

by tobias.wetzel49About Me:Curious guy, always trying to experience new things, happy and open minded! read more

OceaniaNew Zealand4 days / December 2017

Highs & Lows

Just the amazing nature this country can offer!

I would have stayed longer!

Itinerary Overview

So Queenstown is I think the most amazing city I've ever been to, the view to Lake Wakatipu and the mountains is just amazing! We started by going up to 'Skyline Queenstown' which is basically the ultimate viewpoint above the city. The view truly is amazing, also you can buy souvenirs and stuff like that up there. The next stop was 'Nevis Bungy', which is the higher one of the 2 Bungy options in Queenstown (134 m). You had to sign up for this in the city and after that, we were picked up by the bus and brought to the Bungy site. The ride there was crazy enough, but the jump was f**king amazing! You basically just jump into a really high riverbed. Queenstown is famous for these sorts of adrenalin activities, so the next stop for us was the 'Shotover Jet'. It's a jet ride through the small Shotover river through narrow canyons, also packed with adrenalin. After this, we had lunch at 'Fergburger', a famous burger restaurant in Queenstown. We compared this burger to the one we had at 'Devil's Burger', which is a few streets further, and honestly, both were amazing! All in all, the city was absolutely great, and I can recommend this to everyone!

My friends and I booked a guided tour to Doubtful Sound with the organization 'Real Journeys'. At first, we were brought to Manapouri by bus, then went over Lake Manapouri, then we had to take another bus on the other lakeside until we were at Doubtful Sound, the second most famous fjord after Milford Sound. The tour boat was massive and all the employees super friendly and just like that, we were already starting the tour. I cannot describe the beauty and the vibe of this place, but it was simply mesmerizing. The slow cruise through the high mountains on the side, the calm water, and all the sounds of nature were just amazing. The cruise ship went until the ocean, where we were seeing dolphins!, and then we were already going back. But it wasn't just cruising on the lake, we also had opportunities to go swimming in the cold water and do some kayaking on the lake. In conclusion, we had 1 night with amazing food and stunning views, and actually, it was the first time for me to see dolphins! 

Our first stop near Mt. Cook was Lake Tekapo, a really pure and colorful lake laying next to the highest mountains of NZ. At first, we went to 'Tekapo Springs' which are natural hot springs just next to the lake. After that we went to see the Church of the Good Shepherd, a famous church just next to the lake, together, the church and the lake make a really nice picture! The next stop was the Mt John University Observatory, an observatory up the hill, also with an amazing view of the whole lake! After Tekapo, we wanted to get even closer to Mt. Cook, so our plan was to camp at the White Horse Hill Campsite, which is the nearest you can get to it by road, but after our hike to Mueller Hut, our tents basically flew away, so we decided to sleep somewhere else. Besides from that, we still managed to hike further into the national park and catch stunning views of the mountain and some glacier lakes! I can recommend this Hooker Valley track to everyone, who loves to be surrounded by pure nature. 

  • 2 Nights: Queenstown
    Awesome city laying next to a huge lake and mountains, famous for adventure activities
  • 1 Night: Doubtful Sound / Patea
    One of the amazing fjords in New Zealand
  • 1 Night: Aoraki / Mount Cook
    Mount cook is the highest mountain in NZ, also this area is famous for stargazing

Q & A

  • How was the food?

    Fergburger, Devil's Burger and Searle Lane in Queenstown were amazing

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Just go to New Zealand, it's going to be worth it!

  • Any surprises?

    Just the pure beauty of this country is unbelievable