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Namibia excursion

Namibia is a very fascinating country. It is extremely versatile and has very rich history

by hannah37About Me:Hello! I currently reside and work in New York City. I love traveling and exploring new places around the world. I have spent time going to school in both Paris, France and Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy backpacking read more

AfricaNamibia6 days / April 2018

Highs & Lows

Lost of sand!!

Hot and pleasant

Itinerary Overview

Walvis Bay: I spent 6 month studying abroad in South Africa, and during our spring vacation some friends and I decided to do a road trip in Namibia. We flew into Walvis Bay international airport and easily rented a car from the airport. The airport was small but close town town and  we had no difficulties getting through customs. This was a great place to start our trip. We also visited the Flamingo Lagoon to see the hundreds of wild flamingos. You can also do a Kayak or Canoe trip or even do a catamaran-trip! We easily rented an airbnb in Walvis Bay and visited the local grocery store so that we could make ourselves a big dinner before going on our big journey into Sossusvlei! Walvis Bay is such a cool place because it was originally founded by the Dutch  from South Africa; however, was later taken over by the British. 

Sossusvlei is where the Namib-Naukluft National park Is located. This park is home to some of the largest sand dunes in the world, including Big Dadddy which is the dune my friends and I climbed. Make sure to find a spot to watch the sunrise and sunset- it is truly unbelievable. Also, check out Deadvlei! Deadvlei is shown in the photograph. It is where a lake used to be but it has dried up and all that is left is the salt residue and the dead, spooky wood trees. Sossusvlei is such a special place! When climbing the dunes you can take your shoes off and just go with socks or barefoot. I would reccommend bringing a lot of water with you, as it gets very hot out in the desert. The Kulala Desert Lodge is an awesome place to stay because it allows you to be right int he park. It is truly authentic and the sunset is breathtaking. 

Swakopmund is an awesome vacation spot in Namibia that is usually filled be vacationers. There are sandy beaches and a very cute town where you can walk around to look at shops and eat local Namibian food or german food. When I visited I went for dinner at a German restaurant and got Schnitzel - it was very cool to be having schnitzel in the middle of Africa. You can see the German influence by looking at the buildings. There is also an awesome light house that I would recommend checking out. You can also walk on the Jetty or spend a relaxing day by the beach. If you are feeling extra adventurous you can do an excursion outside of the city to go sky diving.  Lastly, you can also check out the Cape Cross Sea Colony on the Skeleton Coast- I personally did not have the chance to do this but it is something I would definitely like to check out next time I visit. 

  • 2 Nights: Walvis Bay
    Wild flamingos!
  • 2 Nights: Sossusvlei
    Sand dunes
  • 2 Nights: Swakopmund
    Relax and Unwind

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have stayed longer! Namibia is such a cool place with lots too do. Next time I would like to stay longer and spend time checking out other parts of the country.

  • Transportation Tips?

    Would highly recommend renting a car! If you rent a car it allows you to stop at various locations and gives you accessibility to visit sossuvlei

  • Any surprises?

    Zebra! I was so surprised to see wild Zebra… and Ostriches! Keep an eye out for these animals while you are on the road.


  • Airbnb: I stayed with friends at an airbnb near the water. This allowed us to cook our own food and to have a spacious place for all of us.

  • Kulala Desert Lodge: This Lodge was incredible!! So beautiful and one of a kind

  • My friends and I rented another airbnb here. It was right along the water with access to the beach.