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My trip to Spain

5 days in Spain that marked my memory!

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EuropeSpain4 days / June - July 2013

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The art is out of this world

Nothing-had a great trip!

Itinerary Overview

I went to Spain in the summer, June-July, I spent two or three days in each city, completing a week, since the trip did not end there. I traveled with Avianca and it was a 7 hour flight, I arrived in Madrid it was like 10 am there, therefore, we were able to take advantage of it from the first day. When we arrived we hired a transport that had directly the airport, it was super punctual and very comfortable. People are very friendly, they are willing to help you with anything. All the way from the airport, my family asked the driver questions about the city and we got along very well. The weather at this time is perfect! It is warm, but it is not a heat that you will want to die, it is awesome to be in shorts and loose shirts, one of the things I liked the most was this, it is very easy to walk the streets, get dressed and be comfortable during the day.

  • 2 Nights: Madrid
  • 2 Nights: Barcelona
  • Day trip: Toledo
Madrid - Tourism

Madrid Tourism

Madrid - Tourism - null
Madrid - Tourism - null
Madrid - Tourism - null

Madrid, wow, the food in this city is crazy. I had the opportunity to visit the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, they are two huge squares that convey a lot of security and you feel like you are in a movie, you can see how on every corner there are people showing their talents and how they live from it. I went to the Museo del Prado, an unforgettable experience, it is a big museum with a lot of history and places so beautiful that you don't want to go. And since I went to the Camp Nou in Barcelona, I could not miss going to the Santiago Bernabeu, it is a giant stadium, in which the passion for football is transmitted, everything is very well cared for and the best thing is to see the history and feel that you are in the same place as many of the greats of soccer in the world.

Barcelona - Tourism

Barcelona Tourism

Barcelona - Tourism - null
Barcelona - Tourism - null
Barcelona - Tourism - null

My favorite city was Barcelona, since there are multiple plans in this city; I got to know the Sagrada Familia, when you enter you feel an unimaginable peace, and I am not the most religious person, however when you enter, you forget the outside world and only let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this place. I also got to know Park Güell, it is a park that looks like something out of a fairy tale. Everything is so unreal, out of the ordinary and beautiful. It is a perfect place to take photos and spend a pleasant afternoon. Casa Batló is made by an artist named Antoni Gaudí, just like Park Güell, it leaves you speechless. It is a house like no other, it has many colors, many strange shapes and a very reassuring atmosphere. I also visited the Camp Nou, and although I am not a football fan, I found this place an incredible experience, it is something that everyone should know at some point in their life. Finally, in this city I visited Montjuic, it is a mountain through which you have to get there by funicular and then the cable car, it is an incredible ride, it is surrounded by history and green places, it is very well cared for.

Toledo - Tourism

Toledo Tourism

Toledo - Tourism - null
Toledo - Tourism - null
Toledo - Tourism - null

Toledo, a small ancient city where you clearly see the history of three great religions, Muslim, Jewish and Christian; This makes Toledo an architecturally very striking city, since you can find mosques, Christian churches and synagogues. When I went to this city I preferred not to do it with a guided tour, but to let myself be carried away by what I wanted to see, and it was the best choice since I was able to enter small places where they could tell you better stories and find charms or characteristic objects of the city. I was only one day in Toledo and it was just and necessary, since it is very different from the routine of the big cities mentioned above, there is a lot of calm, people are very attentive to what you need, everything is built in stone and you makes you feel in many, many years ago.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    The nights! I would have stayed more nights in this city
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Nothing, everything went perfect
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Corral de la Moreria, it's an incredible experience because they made flamenco dances
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Pack comfortable shoes and clothes, take a lot of pictures and enjoy
  • Packing tips?

    If you go on summer, go light on clothes and comfortable
  • Transportation Tips?

    Use the metro, it's faster and cheaper
  • Any surprises?

    Everything is this city is a surprise
  • Booking details?

    Do it on time, look for good hotels but not the best ones, you won't be much time in the hotel