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Moroccan Surf and Food Culture

Surfing, a bit of sightseeing and delicious local food

  • Imsouane+ 6
  • Taghazout
  • The view from the roof top hostel
  • Moroccan Surf and Food Culture
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AfricaMorocco20 days / January - February - March - July - August - September 2019

Highs & Lows

Harira soup at a local restaurant - super delicious and cheap

Just go during summer if you stay close to the beach - it can get very hot !

Itinerary Overview

  • 7 Nights: Taghazout
  • 8 Nights: Imsouane
    Surfing, Beach
  • 5 Nights: Essaouira
    Arts and food
Taghazout - Surfing

Taghazout Surfing

Taghazout - Surfing - Taghazout
Taghazout - Surfing - The view from the roof top hostel
The view from the roof top hostel
Taghazout - Surfing - Taghazout Bay
Taghazout Bay

I took the bus from Agadir to Taghazout which takes around 45 Minutes and is very affordable. The number of the bus is L33 and it sometimes even says SURF on the board. It runs every 30 minutes. I checked into our hostel The roof Top which really made our stay special as I met so many nice travelers there. They often organise bonfires at the beach at night. I can recommend just hiring a surf board at one of the local surf shops and either try on your own or take some surf lessons. Banana point, anchor and Taghazout Bay are good spots for surfing. There is also a skate park up on a hill where you can see a beautiful sunset and watch the local skaters. For a day trip you can take a taxi or bus to Paradise Valley which has swimming pools to cool down.” Let’s be” is an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Tamraght which is 10 minutes from Taghazout. You can either walk there along the beach which takes around 1 hour, rent a bike or take the bus. Try the cacao smoothie bowl and avocado - amolou toast. 

Imsouane - Surfing, Beach

Imsouane Surfing, Beach

Imsouane - Surfing, Beach - null
Imsouane - Surfing, Beach - null
Imsouane - Surfing, Beach - null

The easiest way to get to Imsouane is to take a taxi or a bus and tell them to let you out on the cross road which leads to Imsouane. From the crossing you can take a taxi, there are usually taxis around.

In Imsouane you can stay at the campsite if you have a tent or sleep in their cute fishing boats. There are also some nice Airbnb’s to rent. Momos Coffee is a good place to drink some mint tea while watching the surfers. Imsouane is famous for its long waves which is perfect for every level. We rented our boards from Momo’s Surf Shop, they have good quality boards for a fair price and friendly staff. Right next to it is a little pizza place which great vegetarian options, they have delicious tacos as well! If you love fish you will find lots of fresh fish at the end of town at the markets. 

Essaouira - Arts and food

Essaouira Arts and food

Essaouira - Arts and food - Traditional Moroccan breakfast
Traditional Moroccan breakfast
Essaouira - Arts and food - The big plaza
The big plaza
Essaouira - Arts and food - null

Essaouria is called the Windy City in Morocco. It’s good to bring some warmer clothes as it can get quite cold in the evenings. We stayed in a Riad which is a traditional kind of house in Morocco. Essaouria is very authentic with many creative people living there, you will find local hippies selling dream catchers and paintings on the street and art galleries to stroll around. Besides it’s a good place to try kitesurfing. For eating I can highly recommend to try the Harira - a traditional soup at Cafe Bachir. You can get it starting from 5/6pm, it’s right at the big square which will fill up with people in the evenings. Great spot to watch the sunset. At Crepes Delices D’ Essaouria I got the best crepe in my life. You have to many fillings to choose from, I can recommend getting fruits sec with amolou! Furthermore, Taros is a good place to go out at night, there is a DJ playing on the weekends. 

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Cafe Bachir, Mandala, Lets Be etc,
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Try out the local restaurants, the food there tastes way better than in the fancy restaurants
  • Packing tips?

    For Essaouria I recommend bringing warmer clothes and in general long sleeves and pants for respecting the culture
  • Transportation Tips?

    Busses are a good way to get around. For longer journeys I can recommend Supratours or CTM, they are very punctual , clean, with AC and comfortable.
  • Booking details?

    Booking.com, Airbnb and Hostelworld


  • The roof hostel - very nice rooftop, outdoor kitchen, card games in the evenings, social atmosphere

  • Airbnb - Charmant Riad dans la médina. Amazing Riad with friendly owner named Simo. Great rooms, rooftop, location, clean. Highly recommend!