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North AmericaMexico7 days / September 2022

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Mexican independence was amazing!

Traffic was always heavy

Itinerary Overview

Mexico is one of the best memory of my travel. We've been to Mexico for 2 weeks to see the Mexican Independence day on 16th September. Before visiting there, we experienced American Independence Day in the United States. It was amazing! However, at that time, my Mexican friends told me that Mexican Independence Day was more impressive. I couldn't believe what he said but I feel like really going there. On this travel we visited Cancun and Mexico City, then we spend Mexican Independence Day in Mexico City. There was a very beautiful beach in Cancun but it was a super touristic place. Fortunately, we have some friends in Cancun, we enjoyed ourselves so much in Cancun but I might not have enjoyed it if it weren't for my friends.

Mexican foods were super delicious and I love Tacos! We ate several Tacos during stay in Mexico, But there is not only Tacos, but also another delicious Mexican food! 

  • 3 Nights: Cancún
    there is beautiful beach
  • 4 Nights: Mexico City
    To see the Independence Day in Mexico
Cancún - there is beautiful beach

Cancún there is beautiful beach

Cancún - there is beautiful beach - null
Cancún - there is beautiful beach - null
Cancún - there is beautiful beach - null1+

Our first destination was Cancun. Is it familiar resort spots for you? Honestly, I didn't know this place before making a plan to visit Mexico because Japanese people, when they think of resort destinations, they only think of Hawaii or Bali, and they had no interest in Cancun, which is far away from Japan. But the moment we got to the beach we were amazed by its beauty! My some Mexican friends told me that you don't need to visit Cancun because there is a very tourist place so you will not be able to know the real Mexican. We didn't expect so much but it was actually very beautiful. Yes, there were more people and the prices were higher than in other Mexican places, but the beaches were white with sand reflecting the sun, and the ocean was amazingly blue and seemed to blow away the fatigue of the day. 

Mexico City - To see the Independence Day in Mexico

Mexico City To see the Independence Day in Mexico

Mexico City - To see the Independence Day in Mexico - null
Mexico City - To see the Independence Day in Mexico - null
Mexico City - To see the Independence Day in Mexico - null1+

16th September is a very important day for Mexican because they became independent from Spain in 1821.  We visited Mexico to see independence day.  We couldn't imagine what it would be like since there is no Independence Day in Japan. To celebrate independence day, flags were displayed throughout the city, and many independence-related products were sold on the street.  

On the day of independence day, we went to the local music festival, the artist sang a lot of very famous Mexican songs. Every time a song was played, the audience was so excited that even I, who did not know a single Mexican song, was able to enjoy it. After this concert, a mayor speech in front of the audience, then countless fireworks were set off in the night sky. I couldn't explain how beauty was. I was very moved by the enthusiasm of the people and the moment it all came together. People screamed "VIVA MEXICO!!" over and over again. Unconsciously I was shouting too: viva Mexico!

Q & A

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    El vilsito
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Mexico city is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level so careful to altitude sickness
  • Transportation Tips?

    Every day there was heavy traffic so you should leave early
  • Booking details?

    Look for Airbnbs near to the places that you will visit