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Melbourne to Tasmania - Tasmania 14 Day Itinerary

Here's my Melbourne to Tasmania 14 day itinerary. Two week campervan Tasmania road trip. Hiking, camping and enjoying beautiful nature around us.

  • Cradle Mountain+ 2
  • Melbourne
  • Port Arthur
  • Melbourne to Tasmania - Tasmania 14 Day Itinerary
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OceaniaAustralia5 days / March 2019

Highs & Lows

Hiking up Cradle Mountain

Expensive ferry across from the Australian mainland

Itinerary Overview

  • Day trip: Melbourne
    Departing point of Ferry
  • 3 Nights: Port Arthur
    History, nature
  • 2 Nights: Cradle Mountain
Melbourne - Departing point of Ferry

Melbourne Departing point of Ferry

Melbourne - Departing point of Ferry - null

During the time I lived in Melbourne, I decided to visit the island state of Tasmania over a 2 week vacation. I had a campervan at the time which I wanted to travel in so the only way to cross over was by ferry. You can also take a flight to its capital Hobart, however the ferry remains a wonderful part of the whole experience of crossing over from the mainland to Tasmania. The initial part of the journey offers beautiful views of Melbourne Bay until you reach the open waters when through the window becomes less interesting. Although the 8 hour journey was a bit long, at least there was entertainment on board such as live music and arcade games.

Port Arthur - History, nature

Port Arthur History, nature

Port Arthur - History, nature - null
Port Arthur - History, nature - null

The inlet of Port Arthur offers something for the whole family. History buffs will be happy learning about the island’s dark past by visiting the famous prison of Port Arthur which was known as the harshest of all Australia. During colonial times, England had sent their most dangerous inmates and political prisoners across its dominion. Also in the inlet, the kids will be able to visit a zoo and learn about the habits of a little fury predator so famous it is named after the island itself, the Tasmanian Devil. Finally, the outdoorsy type will be able to quench their adrenaline thirst by visiting a succession of capes which offers views on the vast ocean separating the southernmost tip of Australia with the Antarctic. Amongst which Cape Raoul, with its sublime 7 hour trek culminating with a breathtaking vertical drop.

Cradle Mountain - Hiking

Cradle Mountain Hiking

Cradle Mountain - Hiking - null
Cradle Mountain - Hiking - null

Cradle Mountain National Park harbours the island’s highest peak and is a must for climbers as well as more experienced hikers. However, if you don’t fall within this category there are still plenty of trails to discover and various types of accommodation ranging from camping to hotels and ultra sleek glamping. Those of you who will attempt to climb the Park’s main attraction will be greatly rewarded if they start their journeys one hour before sunrise in order to reach the first viewpoint which is moderate to get to. From there, it’s a flat enough hike until the base of the top where the more demanding part begins. The steep ascent and sliding pebbles make the initial part challenging but once you reach the larger stones, climbing to the top will become easier, albeit scarier for those who suffer from vertigo.  

Q & A

  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Dunalley Fish Market
  • Packing tips?

    Bring warm clothes
  • Transportation Tips?

    We took a ferry from Melbourne to Tasmania. It's a great but expensive!
  • Any surprises?

    How beautiful it was
  • Booking details?

    Spirit of Tasmania Ferry