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Malaysian Islands

Weeks of white sands and clear water

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  • Redang Island
  • Redang Island
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AsiaMalaysia10 days / September - October 2019

Highs & Lows

The weather was so nice

Big lack of information to find our airbnb

Itinerary Overview

In Malaysia, one of the things I really recommend to do is the islands. They are beautiful, and each one of them is different and has a different atmosphere.

Namely, during my travels I was accompanied by Sawsan, Pierre and Julie, and sometimes we were with other students.

The only trip I made without them was the first one with strangers I knew at the university.

We often went on weekends because the transport time was quite short and our planning allowed us to do so. Moreover, nothing was very expensive for us so it was easy to leave and visit a lot of things.

Here are 2 trips I made while I was in Malaysia. These are by far the most beautiful islands I have ever been to in my life. With a breathtaking vegetation, a luxuriant fauna, a warm and white sand and finally a warm and turquoise water




  • 5 Nights: Redang Island
    Enjoying the beach
  • 5 Nights: Tioman Island
    Beach time
Redang Island - Enjoying the beach

Redang Island Enjoying the beach

Redang Island - Enjoying the beach - null
Redang Island - Enjoying the beach - null
Redang Island - Enjoying the beach - null

Redang, the second island, contains about 2000 houses and measures 42 km2. Despite complications to get there, we managed to reach our destination. It is necessary to know that to go to the islands we made between 6 to 10h of bus and then 30mn to 2h of boat.

And sometimes everything does not go very well, that day we could not take the boat due to bad weather and so we took a hotel while waiting for the next day.

We went diving and snorkeling and we saw many species of fish, small and big, colored or not. After that we drank cocktails at the edge of the beach.

The water was clear and warm the rest of the week. The landscape was beautiful. Most of the time on the islands, we made small boat tours on several small spots to visit the small islands or other villages not far away. We lived in small houses or cabins.


Tioman Island - Beach time

Tioman Island Beach time

Tioman Island - Beach time - null
Tioman Island - Beach time - null
Tioman Island - Beach time - null

Tioman, third island isn’t the last! This one was a little less beautiful and paradisiacal but as incredible as the others. We went diving, visited waterfalls and visited a bit the forest. We had to be very careful because one of the Malaysians living on the island told us that there were a lot of animals and especially full of snakes (poisonous).

Tioman is a nature reserve, we are lucky to see baby turtles being released and going into the sea for the first time, with the «Juara Turtle» project which studies and protects sea turtles.

In each trip, we met new people and each person brought us a little more knowledge and enrichment about the country.

Small anecdote: when we arrived, it took us 3 hours to find our hotel, nobody on the island knew about it because it was brand new and hidden in the forest.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I might have taken the opportunity to see more beaches and idyllic places
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    We couldn’t find our Airbnb even the help of the locals
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Don’t forget the sunscreen
  • Packing tips?

    Not much, something to bathe in and maybe a raincoat
  • Transportation Tips?

    Highly recommend to take a scooter
  • Any surprises?

    Big komodo dragons !
  • Booking details?