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Trip Report

Magic Road trip in Bolivia

A road trip to get in touch with nature and get to know other culture, eat different food and just get lost in the vastness of the andes and its ancient magic.

by juan d hdezAbout Me:I'm a very active and creative person. I love exploring different color patterns and shapes, that might be the reason why I'm a designer. I love drawing, taking pictures, and walking. I also love working in children education because their... read more

South AmericaBolivia5 days / February 2015

Highs & Lows

The salt desert of Uyuni is one out-of-this-world view not to be missed if your traveling to Bolivia.

Weather is usually very cold even in summer months, so be prepared. Also be nice to bolivians and they will be nice to you

Itinerary Overview

Since we arrived in Bolivia we couldn't but notice the warmth of its people, they were celebrating the carnaval in this time of the year so there was a very festive mood, people were dancing and drinking on the streets of Villazon (one of the southern borders in which we entered the country). we spent a night there and first thing in the morning we traveled by bus to Uyuni. It was a long trip in a not so comfortable bus, but still the mood was very festive and I could enjoy some incredible views of this amazing Andes plateau.

We arrived late that night to Uyuni so we slept in a hostel (there are several since its a very touristic place) Next morning we took a one day tour to the salt desert (there are other longer tours available). Getting into this amazingly white space makes you feel small. It is quite an unusual view, we get to walk around, visit some locations in the desert, have a very nice picnic lunch and went back to the town.

Next we took a very comfortable "bed-bus" to La Paz. it was a very smooth trip. When we get to the city an incredible valley view opened in front of us, its a very interesting city from its geography to its culture and people. Some place we visited while there were "La feria del alto" which is a fair where you can litteraly find anything, located in a very high place in the city so the view is privileged. Another place to visit is "el mercado de las brijas" which is a zone in La Paz downtown where you can find cafes, souvenir stores, restaurants, street art, and some interesting shops and bars. Nearby theres a place called "El valle de la luna" which is a valley that resembles a moon landscape, you can go visit and walk around, there's easy transport to the place and back, no more than half an hour.

Our last stop in our trip was Copacabana and La isla del sol, both located in Titicaca lake, which is the highest placed large lake in the world. It's amazing its resemblance to the sea in contrast to the high cold mountains. This place is very sacred in andean cultures and you can feel the magic flowing in the air. From Copacabana we took a boat to  La isla del Sol where we spent the night in a very simple and cozy hostel in front of the lake. There were still some celebrations of the carnival going on so the general mood was always festive. Next morning we took the most amazing walk through the island to get to Pucara, a small town where we had lunch and took boat back to Copacabana and continue the journey.

  • 1 Night: Uyuni
    To get to see an amazing view, very unique.
  • 3 Nights: La Paz
    Get to know the city and visit a friend.
  • 1 Night: Isla del Sol
    Go to the lake. Get to know the culture. Walking in nature. Spiritual connection

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have stayed a little more time in Uyuni to make a longer tour to the Salt desert. It's an amazing place to explore. Same thing in La isla del sol, it's a perfect place to find peace and be relaxed and in touch with nature.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    It's not always easy to find places to exchange money so it's better if you plan your expenses. Although prices are not very high.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    First tip would be to go with an opened mind because in Bolivia culture is very important and it shows, so always be respectful. The weather is usually cold so be prepared for that, no matter the time of the year.


  • We spent the night in a hostel. We arrived very late at night so we looked for the first one around. It was a clean hostel, the bathroom was outside and it was very cold so ir possible look for a place where you can have easy access to the bathroom.

  • We stayed in a friend's apartment in La paz downtown in a 30th floor. An amazing view of the city and near a lot of locations and transport.

  • We stayed in a very simple yet cozy hotel in front of one of the northern lake beaches.