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Trip Report

Living the mystic of incredible India

Arambol ; beach, music , yoga , art and hippie vibe ! Hampi ; Land of Hanuman , bouldering and amazing sceneries . Dharamsala in Himachal; land of Dalaï Lama ; waterfalls and treks in the hills.

by luneerazionAbout Me:I am a world traveller for 5 years. I have been living in Australia for one year ; in India for almost 2 years ; I have been exploring Asia : Thailand ; Cambodia ; Nepal ; Sri Lanka ; Indonesia ; Malaysia ; Colombia ! And I am.now in Gu... read more

AsiaIndia550 days / January - February - March - April - May - June - December 2018

Highs & Lows

All the country is worth to visit ; each place is unique and has its own vibe / lifestyle.

Sometimes food is really too spicy for my stomach and also got parasites from bad eggs i guess !

Itinerary Overview

India is such a incredible mystical country with all her Gods and temples ; casts and traditions ; varieties of landscapes ; cows and yoga ! Chai and thali !

I have been living almost two years in India ; travelling mostly , sometimes setting up for a few months . I visited mainly all the famous places of this crazy country but i will need an entire life to really know India her secrets and traditions .

Arambol is so far my favourite place in the world to live and connect with people. I lived there twice for four months each time .

Arambol is a beach town in the north of Goa the famous "party" region of India .Here i discovered new types of music ; new kind of dances ; hoola hoop ; art and most of all an International community of travellers on their spiritual path seeking for happiness and to share unconditional love !                                     One day in magical Arambol would be :

Enjoy sunrise on the beach ; join one of the hundred classes of yoga  ; get a local breakfast ; a fresh coconut ; meet my friends in Garden of Dreams ; enjoy live music ; get a local fish thali for lunch at Garden city ; go for a meditation/breathwork workshop or maybe a hoola hoop one ! Then have a class of Tribal Dance fusion or Belly dance !

After I will join friends and others on the beach for a incredible sunset . Every one will be doing AcroYoga ; dancing in the drum circle ; juggling or hooping ... With a bit of chance our amazing artists will do a music show on the beach . At night i will either enjoy a  jam' and a dinner in Arcan bar or a big music show in Twice in Nature  !There is always something going on in Arambol ; every cafe will have a live musician! On sunday we will meet for a big reggae pool party in Riva one of the most beautiful venue overlooking the ocean .

But Arambol is not only the beach and the parties it's also Sweet lake ; the Big banyan tree ; the temples ;  locals families  and the villages around ! But most of all the people that make this place a playground for travellers and universal connexion for open-minded souls.

For a short break of this fully energetic journey i will advice you to go either to Gokarna another beach spot more quiet south of Goa, either to HAMPI and that's the place i am gonna tell you about !

Hampi is situated about ten hours by sleeping bus from Goa. It is the so called birth place of the famous Monkey God Hanuman . There  I have been spending twenty days and every day i have been so amazed by the stunning rocky landscape.

Hampi is divided by the river in two sides. One is the city with the gorgeous Virupaksha Temple designated as a Unesco world heritage site. On the river elephants are bathing with the kids and sacred symbols are painting on the rocks .

Once you cross you reach what we call Hampi Island. This is the "traveller" side. There are artcrafts shops ; cosy guesthouses ; and nice cafés . And most of all the land is full of those big boulder rocks where people do rock climbing. That's called Bouldering I have tried and that's so much fun just need to rent a safety mat and talc powder ! And all those big bubbles just create an amazing view that I definitely enjoyed from Yantrodharaka Hanuman temple ! After climbing the 570 steps to reach the sacred place ; accompanied by monkeys ; just enjoying the sunset.

After spending the full season in Goa and around I mooved to Dharamsala in the North of India  ; land of the Dalaï Lama and buddhism ; it's my favorite place in the hills of Himachal Pradesh.

At this time i stayed for about a month in Daramkot one of the small village (with Bhagsu) that surround the valley.

I rented a room for 300 roupies at Sarita's place , overlooking the hills and one minute walk to this magical forest filled with monkeys and ladybirds .

In Daramkot and Bhagsu there is this chill vibe where we can learn macrame  ; practice juggling or didgeridoo ; meet our friends ; go for a reggae party and have a walk to the waterfalls or do a trekking higher up in the mountains. There is also yoga and meditation classes . Just enjoy life and nature !

This is Mama India and this is mainly why I love Her and there is so much more to say... Namasté 🙏




  • 500 Nights: Arambol Beach
    Music Art and Yoga
  • 20 Nights: Hampi
    Bouldering and Panorama
  • 30 Nights: Dharamshala
    Magical hills

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    To be honest if i didn't leave Goa before the lockdown for a trip to Kerala I will be there now with all my friends enjoying !

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Problems with the buses mainly ; the bus companies are not reliable and trusty. Some buses broke down in the middle of the night and we had to wait 4hours out in the middle of nowhere .. but this is one of the small adventures i encountered !

  • How was the food?

    Garden of dreams in Arambol Garden city for a local fish thali !

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    Go !

  • Packing tips?

    Yoga mat and filtered bottle !

  • Transportation Tips?

    Privileged the trains ; buses are worst !

  • Any surprises?

    Always each minute is a surprise in India

  • Booking details?

    Either Arambol Daramkot or Hampi just ask around !