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Lived in Greece for three months

I moved to Thessaloniki for three months and explored Greece a bit with a longer trip to Athens

  • Sunset with acropolis in the backround+ 5
  • Nice view 1 minute away from my home
  • Beautiful church
  • Lived in Greece for three months
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EuropeGreece93 days / October - November - December 2021

Highs & Lows

A beer at the old city wall of Thessaloniki in the sunset

Covid infection

Itinerary Overview

I  lived in Thessaloniki for almost three months and loved the city. I arrived with a bus from Bulgaria to the main bus terminal and walked for one hour to my accommodation. Usually, it is the best way to walk a lot in Thessaloniki to get around, because it is often quicker on the steep sites of the city, where cars and buses have to go on longer roads and furthermore it's beautiful. Also, buses are very cheap, but the system is a bit confusing. In the end, I got behind it, do not worry. Late in the evening, no busses are going anymore, but there is an alternative to Uber very common or you can use normal taxis, which are also not so expensive, so it is no problem to go out at night. During my stay, I explored the surrounding a bit and did a weekend trip to Athens, which was great. All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Greece and met wonderful people.

  • 90 Nights: Thessaloniki
    to live here
  • 3 Nights: Athens
    Visiting a friend and the city
Thessaloniki - to live here

Thessaloniki to live here

Thessaloniki - to live here - Nice view 1 minute away from my home
Nice view 1 minute away from my home
Thessaloniki - to live here - Beautiful church
Beautiful church
Thessaloniki - to live here - The old town wall1+
The old town wall

I stayed in a private place in Sykies a not very touristic part, but to walk up there from the white tower at the seaside through Ano Poli, the old city, is really nice because you cross the old city wall, the streets are very steep, and you find many beautiful stairs on your way. 

At the very top part of the wall, you have a beautiful view of the city for sunset, and you can hang out there with a beer. Down by the white tower you will find many restaurants like the traditional Tavernas and at the promenade pricier bars. 

In Thessaloniki are many young people in the city mostly studying at one of the biggest universities in Greece, so it has a lively nightlife with bars and clubs and restaurants, where students hang out. Also, you find nice hikes in the surrounding mountains of Thessaloniki, where you can spot the seaside and look above the city. I hiked once on the hillside in the forest of the city and once along the beach on the outskirts of the city.

Athens - Visiting a friend and the city

Athens Visiting a friend and the city

Athens - Visiting a friend and the city - Sunset with acropolis in the backround
Sunset with acropolis in the backround
Athens - Visiting a friend and the city - Hiking around athens
Hiking around athens
Athens - Visiting a friend and the city - View from the acropolis1+
View from the acropolis

From Thessaloniki I took the train for five hours to Athens, which was really comfortable. I stayed there for an extended weekend, close to the train station to visit a friend. I did a walk on a hill close to Exarchia where you have a beautiful view over the city during sunset. Exarchia is very interesting to go to and you can find lots of street art and graffiti on the walls. Also, to visit Acropolis is worth the money and the old parts of the temples of ancient Greek times are really impressive. You can catch a Metro to get closer to Acropolis and then walk up to the entrance and take another way down. From the Acropolis, you also have a nice view above the five hills of Athens. Furthermore, there are possibilities for hiking a bit more northeast of the city. You have to take the metro until the last stop and then catch a bus further. 

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Visit Mount Olympus
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Ουζερί Τσινάρι a nice tavern at a beautiful corner in Ano Poli
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Go by bus to Saloniki, because Bulgaria and Slovenia are beautiful on the way
  • Packing tips?

    Rain jacket and waterproofed shoos and a thick sweater, winter can get cold and wet in Thessaloniki
  • Transportation Tips?

    Use the bus and walk as much as you can
  • Any surprises?

    Colder than expected