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Trip Report

Like a local in Kyiv

We lived for a few months in Ukraine, exploring Kyiv and its surroundings

by karoAbout Me:The adamant wanderer. I started traveling with my parents as a kid and caught the vagabond bug. I've been traveling ever since. read more

EuropeUkraine120 days / June - July - August - September 2021

Highs & Lows

Hidden gems in Podil

Difficult to communicate in English

Itinerary Overview

We came to Kyiv to work and live for a few months. We were lucky enough that most of that time the weather was amazing, the gorgeous hot summer really took us by surprise. We decided to take advantage of it and were trying to get to know the city as much as possible. 

  • 120 Nights: Kyiv
    Work and pleasure

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have taken some taken some lessons in Ukrainian (or Russian) prior to the trip. Or at least learn how to read Cyrillic. Not understanding Cyrillic makes a simple grocery shopping trip a real struggle.

  • How was the food?

    * Hum:Hum - cool, land back place in Podil with good breakfast and lots of vegetarian/vegan options * Mama Manana - Georgian cousine, moderate prices, nice decor, many locations * Puzata Hata - budget option, lots of locations, Ukrainian food * Chernomorka - a few locations in Kiev, very good fish and seafood * The Life of Wonderful People - beautiful decor, many vegetarian options, good breakfast and lunch, nice vibe in the evening * Kyiv Food Market - lots of food options to choose from, live music in the evenings * Viet Bar - best pho we could find * TAKAVA Coffee Buffet - good specialty coffee, many locations * Drunk Cherry - a few locations in Kiev, yummy cherry wine * Lviv Croissants - you'll see it on every corner, good sandwich fast food, some veggie options * Basque - a hole in the wall right in the city centre, excellent basque cheesecake and good coffee, good pit stop if you need a sugar rush...Read More

  • Transportation Tips?

    Some tube stations in Kyiv are really beautiful. It's worth to take a ride just to see some of them.

  • Any surprises?

    Certain areas in Kyiv can be hilly so bring comfy shoes.