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Lapland Sweden Winter Tours & Activities

My adventure to Lapland, Sweden for a winter vacation! So many things to do and outdoor adventures in Sweden's beautiful wilderness.

  • Taking a swim in the ice cold see with a life suit+ 9
  • Svansele Wilderness Center
  • Snowmobile in the sunset
  • Lapland Sweden Winter Tours & Activities
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EuropeSweden3 days / March 2020

Highs & Lows

The Ice Breaker trip incl taking a dip in the ice cold water was such an amazing experience

We had no luck with seeing the nothern lights :( - next time :)

Itinerary Overview

From Germany there are several direct flight connections to Arvidsjaur, which was the starting point for our Swedish Lapland tour. I always see different tour packages and even though I am usually not a fan of those planned trips where you join a group, I believe that it does make sense to book such a package for Swedish Lapland! This has several reasons:

1) Infrastructure / Transfers
If you book a package trip, the transfers are usually included, which is a huge plus. I was very happy, that I did not have to drive a car myself, but that we always had a bus transfer. Ever though I feel like I am a confident driver, I have zero experience with driving in snow or on icy roads. In Germany all main streets are usually cleared from the snow in the early morning,  but not in Swedish Lapland. You will have to drive on snow/ice and if you are not comfortable with that, you should rather stick to the public transport (quite rare) or buy an all-transfers included package for the trip.  

2) Package Price
Holidays in Swedish Lapland are not cheap, especially the activities are pricy - but also unique! Whether it is a buggy tour, driving a sportscar on ice or going on a snowmobile safari, if you combine those in a package, you will get huge discounts. There are several providers for such packages.

I would recommend to you to definitely do all activities that you like to do, even though the price may be high... The things you can do are super unique (at least in Europe). I feel like my trip to Swedish Lapland has been a kind of a "once in a lifetime" experience, so I am really happy that I took the decision to save up a bit longer for this trip, but to realize all my wishes there.

  • 1 Night: Skellefteå
    Snowmobile safari
  • 1 Night: Fällfors
    Sportscar on Ice Experience
  • 1 Night: Piteå
    Ice Breaker Cruise
  • Day trip: Arvidsjaur
    Buggy Tour
Skellefteå - Snowmobile safari

Skellefteå Snowmobile safari

Skellefteå - Snowmobile safari - Svansele Wilderness Center
Svansele Wilderness Center
Skellefteå - Snowmobile safari - Snowmobile in the sunset
Snowmobile in the sunset
Skellefteå - Snowmobile safari - Wooden Cabin1+
Wooden Cabin

We arrived around noon at Arvidsjaur Airport and direclty had a transfer to Svansele Wilderness Center.

After a short instruction of how to ride a snowmobile, our moose safari started. I don't know if you ever rode a snowmobile, but let me tell you - it was tough in the beginning! The trick it so not try to hold the snowmobile very still, but to rather let it find its way through the traces of the snowmobiles that ride in front of you. After a few minutes you will rock it, I am sure!

We explored the beautiful nature and tried to find some wild moose to observe.  After two hours we arrived at a beautiful wooden village and had traditional dinner in a small cabin. Riding the snowmobiles back to the Wilderness Center in the dark has also been an adventure.

After this exciting excursion we checked in at Scandic Skelleftea. I really want to emphasize the excellent breakfast that we enjoyed in the morning!

Fällfors - Sportscar on Ice Experience

Fällfors Sportscar on Ice Experience

Fällfors - Sportscar on Ice Experience - After learning how to drift on ice
After learning how to drift on ice

On the second day of our trip, we visited the race track of Drive Center Arena in order to have some fun with different vehicles.

Firstly, we were led to the off-road track, where 2 SUVs were waiting for us. In addition to that, there was a excavator in case we get stuck in the snow haha! It was such a nice experience to drive with a 4x4 through the huge mass of snow, uphill, downhill on the bump and icy track. 

Afterwards we got the chance to drive with a professional race driver on the race track with an Audi TT. Let me tell you, my adrenaline level was so high! It was a lot of fun, drifting over the ice and going almost 250km/h. Even though it seemed to be dangerous, I felt very safe with my driver Arnold :)

Another highlight was that we were able to drive on a smaller track ourselves and learn how to drift on ice with an Audi S1. Even if you are more of an anxious driver, I would recommend you this experience! The worst thing that could happen is that you drive in the snow and get stuck - nothing to worry about :)

Drive Center Arena offers several, different experiences, you can also do professional courses eg where you drive 90min with an instructor. 

Piteå - Ice Breaker Cruise

Piteå Ice Breaker Cruise

Piteå - Ice Breaker Cruise - Baby reindeer
Baby reindeer
Piteå - Ice Breaker Cruise - Standing on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia in front of the Ice Breaker
Standing on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia in front of the Ice Breaker
Piteå - Ice Breaker Cruise - Feeding reindeers2+
Feeding reindeers

Our third day was the day which I was most excited about, because we were about to go on an ice breaker cruise.

When we arrived at the harbor and boarded the ship, everybody was looking for a nice place to enjoy the view. We drove out on the sea and started to break the ice, which was an amazing feeling! Seeing how the ice breaks in front of the icebreaker and at the sides was just insane! As the ice floes moved aside, you could see that the ice was almost one meter thick! We stopped in the middle of the frozen sea and had the chance to leave the boat. Walking over the frozen Gulf of Bothnia was an insane feeling. A major highlight was the chance to take a dip in the sea, where the ice was broken. Thanks to the life suits which made us look like teletubbies, we were floating on the surface. After this nice experience we enjoyed some nice lunch on the boat and drove back to the harbor.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped by a reindeer camp and learned a lot about these cute animals. It is very interesting to hear about their move from north to south, about their history with the Lapland people and how traditions are kept alive. We also got the chance to feed them with moss, which apparently is like candy for them :)



Arvidsjaur - Buggy Tour

Arvidsjaur Buggy Tour

Arvidsjaur - Buggy Tour - Buggy on the race track
Buggy on the race track
Arvidsjaur - Buggy Tour - Lunch at Hotel Laponia
Lunch at Hotel Laponia

On our last day we had the chance to still have some fun with buggies in the snow! Never heard of a buggie? Have a look at the photo down below and you will know what I am talking about :)
Our buggy experience with Triple X Adventures was so much fun! I really want to emphasize how modern their equipment is. After a short safety instruction we were driven to the track and got to try out the buggies. Due to their stud tires, you feel really safe on the icy track. Feeling the fresh wind in your face gives you the adrenaline kick that you were always looking for!

After this nice experience, we had a nice lunch at Hotel Laponia. Afterwards we were brought back to Arvidsjaur airport and we took our flight back home.

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would have added a husky sledge tour
  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    No, everything was perfect :)
  • Restaurant recommendations?

    Kiosken Pizza&Vin
  • Tips you would give a friend?

    Download Aurora app in order to track the possibility to see northern lights
  • Packing tips?

    Even though it is quite cold in Lapland, it is a dry cold and therefore does not feel as cold as you would imagine. Pack a pair of water resistant boots and do not forget gloves, a beanie and a scarf :)
  • Transportation Tips?

    If you book a package trip, transfers are included. I think that is the best way to see the country.