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Lake Crossing Experience

The beauty between two countries

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South AmericaArgentina, Chile4 days / January 2017

Highs & Lows

Breathtaking views and the constant movement.

The trip wasn't long enough.

Itinerary Overview

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was having the chance to visit two different countries in this manner. Being able to literally sail between the two countries was great and there were so many beautiful things to see that we didn’t know where to look. This amazing trip started in San Carlos de Bariloche, in the south of Argentina. Bariloche looks like a small town filled with houses and small building like you would see in a movie set all the way up on the Swiss alps. Not only are the houses charming and the streets filled with great restaurants and stores, but you will be surrounded by huge mountains that will be ski slopes in winter. Since it was summer, they weren’t completely covered with snow, but you could still see some at every mountain top. Climbing up these mountains, even without the snow was out of this world, with magical views and just a great experience. I won’t ever forget being in the restaurant at the top of the mountain, drinking something while looking out at the view and listening to Soda Stereo through the speakers. Aside from this, you could walk the streets and meet an adorable St. Bernard puppy that makes it feel even more like a movie.

From Bariloche, we started the Andean Lakes Crossing. This is an incredible trip that will take you from Puerto Pañuelo (just a short bus ride away from Bariloche), all the way to Puerto Varas in Chile, taking bus rides and boat rides all the way through beautiful lakes surrounded by the most amazing mountains. This journey will take you on a whole day of sailing on pristine waters and give you great views of Cerro Tronador, Osorno Volcano and Puntiagudo Hill; as well as staying around Petrohué where you had a view of all the mountains at once. This trip will take you on about four buses, and two amazing boat rides through the border, where we went through Puerto Pañuelos, Puerto Blest, Peulla, Petrohué where we stayed for lunch and finally Puerto Varas.

Once this trip was over, we arrived at Puerto Varas, a beautiful small town in Chile. In this great town you’ll be able to experience incredible nature related activities that will blow your mind and you’ll have a constant view of some of the mountains and volcanoes that are around the area. We had a very short time in this wonderful place and were really tempted to staying in the hotel for the rest of the afternoon, the beautiful boutique hotel Bellavista was amazing and filled with things to do inside, with pools, spas and various restaurants. Still we chose to walk out around the small streets looking for a nice place to eat, walking to the waterside to enjoy the sunset and streets. This was an amazing way to relax and have some calm before returning home, enjoying the final days of our trip.

  • 3 Nights: San Carlos de Bariloche
    Snow without the cold
  • Day trip: Petrohue
    Sailing across countries
  • 1 Night: Puerto Varas
    A day for relaxing

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    I would see if there’s any way to make the lake crossing longer.

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Nothing really

  • How was the food?

    You should definitely try the meats and wine here, best option for these places.

  • What tips would you give a friend?

    See if you can stay a bit longer and take day trips around both Bariloche and Puerto Varas.

  • Packing tips?

    During these months it’s really warm still, be sure to bring a light jacket for the strong winds.

  • Transportation Tips?

    I am a fan of walking, but there wasn’t so much of that in this trip, instead we took a lot of buses, boats and even cableways to reach the mountain tops.

  • Booking details?

    I make most of my reservations on Expedia or directly on the hotel websites; for Lake Crossing all reservations were made through Aviatur.