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La Provence, this part of south of France so lovely

A couple of days in the heart of La Provence, this beautiful area in the south of France

by celia.rnxAbout Me:Hello everyone, I'm Célia, a french girl working in the food industry since many year. I love wine and cheese :) I love adventure, meet new people, discover new cultures, and above all, the quest for freedom. My wish for this long-term... read more

EuropeFrance4 days / July 2021

Highs & Lows

The reputation of this area will not disappoint you

Summer time is not the best moment to visit this area, it can be expensive

Itinerary Overview

The south of France, La Provence, this region so famous for its landscapes, its elegance, its gastronomy and its wines.

A few days to slip into the shoes of a Frenchman ! 
The weather is perfect at this time of year (July) although can be a bit too hot sometimes.
The advantage of this region is that everything can be done by car very easily, the distances are not very far. Pay attention to beach outing times, traffic jams can become your worst enemy.

According to me, there are 5 reasons why you should visit :

- the variety of natural landscapes:

The region  offers an incomparable variety of beaches, creeks, mountains and nature reserves.

- the French village :

Provence is famous for its idyllic villages, which are literally everywhere.  Beyond their beauty and charm, these Provencal towns also have another special feature: the relationship with time, which seems to pass more slowly.

- the food:

Provence is a must for chefs and gourmets. The region offers high-quality products, fresh fish, very tasty olive oil, truffles, large, juicy cherries… There are also Provencal classics: panisses, bouillabaisse, calissons… . 

- the markets :
There is no activity as Provençal as visiting the small fruit and flower markets. They are a real feast for the senses: the flavors, aromas, colors and textures are a rich experience for visitors and also a way to better understand the local way of life.

- culture and history:

Between the Greek influence and the Roman invasions, the medieval towns of Provence confirm the role of the region in world history. Provence was also the place of residence of many famous artists: the painter Paul Cézanne was born in Aix-en-Provence and used the Saint Victoire mountain as inspiration for his paintings; The Spaniard Pablo Picasso also lived in Provence and the Dutch Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by the natural landscapes of Provence to produce his famous paintings "The Sunflowers" and "The Starry Night".



  • Day trip: Rue Fortia
  • 2 Nights: Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
  • 2 Nights: Les Baux-de-Provence

Q & A

  • What would you have changed?

    Try to visit La Provence in May or Septembre, it will be less touristic

  • Anything go wrong during the trip?

    Prices are very high

  • How was the food?

    There are many touristic restaurant where the food is not worth it for the price. Avoid the restaurant with a long menu, it will be a trap

  • Transportation Tips?

    Rent a car, it's a must have in this area

  • Booking details?

    If you go during the high season, try to book in advance if you don't want to pay double price